Alternative, Hard Rock, Metal

"A unique style of gothic chaos"

“Poison Crow encapsulate the aggression and attitude that defines what Bristol’s heavy music scene is all about. Lyrical content exploring morbid fantasy and masochistic self-destruction pair seductively with captivating vocal melodies, to juxtapose against a crushing lead guitar and cutting rhythm section. Monstrous yet groovy riffs, and relentless intensity are pivotal to their behemothic live performance, which leaves you, their murder of crows, addicted.”



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Marcus Osborne reviewed POISON CROW 9 months ago

Poison Crow go all out. I’ve seen them live a few times in the past and although these are distant memories of a time when we could all touch each other and enjoy live music, I still remember how commanding they were of the stage. That’s part of the reason we picked them for Attitude Festival!

Darkened metal infused with hard rock and full-bodied vocals. A twisted and sultry sound that is made for a very specific type of listener, but for that listen – oh boy are you in for a friggin’ treat!

A great band with loads of potential, keen to hear more in the future!

Emily Lockey reviewed POISON CROW 1 year ago

Poison Crow

Poison Crow, the coven of gothic misfits from Bristol, are able to gain a place within your heart swiftly. They are able to captivate their audience with a unique style by fusing together attitude, dark fashion and their refined sound to create a sensation of gothic darkness, while still providing some great catchy hard rock tunes.

The single ‘Cyanide’, is accompanied by a professional-looking music video (available on YouTube), it immediately enchants those that do not fit the traditional mould, who are struggling to find their place in the world and are ready to look for a good time; who are able to experience their deepest emotions and explode with spirit. – Very much like the band, it seems. The catchy, groovy riff will get you moving and the strong, deep bass cuts through the layers to provide the perfect punch to support the sound. The female vocals have a clean sound, however the melodies bend and slide like a snake moving through the grass – which adds an eerie tone and unique edges. The lyrics are catchy and will leave you wanting to listen to this song again and again as the words run through your mind.

Poison Crow’s 2018 single is named ‘Paradise’ – it begins with a playful riff; then the eerie, female vocals commence and are layered over the chaotic instruments beneath. There is a great breakdown within this track, the guitar becomes chuggier, the drums become punchier and there is a collectively heavier vibe to accompany the mysterious vocals. –Close your eyes and you are running alone through dark woods, escaping a shadow which has been chasing you, vines of thorns catching your skin as try to escape this – ‘running for your life’.

Something a bit different is ‘Stop’; this track is comprised of a heavy, energetic introduction which leads into a fun, catchy riff. There is an aura of rebellious pop-punk with a burst of modern darkness and mystery. This track is full emotion and drive, a surge towards a crusade for change in ones’ life following difficult times. There is a well executed break down which features a speedy guitar riff with deep bass underneath which adds texture and strength to the fire of the vocals. This track also shows diversity in vocal styles and production techniques – from soft, clean melodies into a reverb-heavy ghostly ambiance; this gives the listener a full and varied experience.

Poison Crow had their first headline show, which sold out in their hometown of Bristol, Halloween of 2019. -This demonstrates the large following of fans that they have around the South West and how they are being supported within their music scene. It is evident that the band have worked hard to progress and by using their influences and by working well together, they are able to sculpt a unique style of gothic chaos.

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