Ska Punk, Skacore

Dark and dirty, heavy ska punk

Po-Lice started in 2009 born out of boredom in Trent’s garage and after the break up of another band no one has heard of.
Up until 2013 the band was a 4 piece crack rock steady outfit consisting of James, Harris, Trent and Phil. Many gigs were played around the south west for a time with DIY collectives such as Old Hat Promotions, Anonymous Promotions and Riotska Records supporting bands such as Beng Beng Cocktail and Braindead.
Phil left the band at some point in 2013. Not to be deterred the survivors soldiered on and came back as a 3 piece in 2015 and haven’t looked back since.
With influences including beer, sarcasm and hate, the boys started again, self releasing a couple of EPs of new songs with a heavier/grungier sound and playing gigs anywhere that will have them.
After too long a time the band roped in Justin of 51st state to record their first full length album. What started as Justin’s uni project turned into the monster it is now after Matt Martin got his mixing and mastering mitts on it.
The band’s second album “Light” was recorded 1n between lockdowns in 2021 by Danny Guy at alpha delta recording studios in Bristol and mixed and mastered by Matt Martin again.
There are more songs written. Po-Lice aint stopping anytime soon.

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Marcus Osborne reviewed PO-LICE 1 year ago

I’ve been checking out Po-Lice’s most recent release, their debut album titled ‘Nocturnal Spirits’ and even after the first track I can hear how much the band have progressed in their songwriting and honing their overall sound since I first reviewed them for the original On The House website years ago. Their earlier stuff was leaning more towards the ska-punk side of the coin and even though there is a heavy ska influence on this album (obviously), the hardcore elements feel a lot more developed and impactful compared to their previous releases which really completes their sound. Po-Lice have truly come into their own with this record, poking fun at the world around them whilst harbouring the same attitude they’ve spent years working on – a great release for any ska-punk fan to add to their collection.

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