Plastic Tramps

Alternative Rock, Progressive Rock

An explosive, infectious clamour built to last!

Plastic Tramps is a new breed of rock that was born in 2016 at South Devon College. The band have since been honing their sound and enjoyed primetime exposure on BBC Introducing South-West as well as receiving sparkling reviews from multiple local online magazines.

Their live sets are an explosion of energy that leaves you breathless. Many memorable nights have passed in various well-fared Devonshire venues, including the renowned Exeter Cavern and Plymouth Underground.

The Tramps recently finished working on their eponymous EP at Momentum Studios with Producer Josiah Manning. The first recordings with the current settled lineup, the momentous ‘Asylum Insane’ and its accompanying video accrued over 1,000 views on Youtube within the first 24 hours, released in November of 2020.

A month later, they released the EP which since has reached over 30,000 streams on Spotify and has been featured on BBC Introducing South West with both “Smack The Machine”, and “Asylum Insane”, you begin to feel it is a taste of what is to come.

Now they have sprung into their own with buoyant confidence and infectious clamour. As the Tramp Train gathers speed, they are surely hungry for further success.

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Marcus Osborne reviewed Plastic Tramps 8 months ago

Plastic Tramps are the South Wests answer to every atmospheric, downtrodden stadium act that has ever existed – with added length for maximum impact. Another one of Plastic Tramps mammouth releases comes in the shape of “Pigs With Shame” which is driven by sludge guitars, droning vocals and massive soundscapes to create a wall of sound that can only be appreciated at full volume.

One thing Plastic Tramps have mastered in their short time is their ability to conquer dynamics, not just in a “loud/quiet” sense – but their overall impact. Some of the most gentle melodies have more gusto and power than some of the heaviest parts of the track and it makes for such a formidable tone, even when examined from all possible angles. The track clocks in at over 7 minutes long and not once did I find myself drifting away, which is pretty damn impressive coming from someone who is used to 45 second punk songs!

Plastic Tramps are built for this. They are a hand-crafted piece of art made to grab your attention and oh boy – I’m paying some serious attention to these guys. You should too.

Marcus Osborne reviewed Plastic Tramps 11 months ago

I’ve just checked out ‘Plastic Traps’ single “Asylum Insane” on Youtube, an incredibly brave and powerful track clocking in at 8 minutes, smacking you in the face with beefy riffs and Muse-esque vocals – this is an absolute behemoth.

I am wholeheartedly impressed with this, like proper impressed. I can’t really fault it in any way, every section lends itself to the overall piece really nicely whilst also having it’s own point to make. Dynamic ability is abundant here and clearly the band aren’t short of ideas, with a track this long I can imagine it was a case of “having to stop” rather than “wanting to stop”, which gives me a lot of hope for future releases!

A really professional and equally powerful offering, I can see a lot more coming from Plastic Tramps in the future!

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