Pay The Man

South Wales
Acoustic Rock, Underground

Solo acoustic melodic project

Pay The Man is a solo music project lead by musician Kyle David Smith based in the town of Bridgend, South Wales.
The name is taken Kyle’s favourite song by The Offspring from their album Americana which was the most experimental song their catalogue. Kyle also states that the name focuses on the drive to invest in one’s self, a focus that he displays in the cartoon drawings of a boy looking at an oversized coin, being perplexed about how high the “Insert coin” slot is and how much work he would have to do to get it there. The illustrations (Drawn by Emma Fairbrother) play a key part in giving a visual representation of Pay The Man’s music as well as displaying a conceptual background to the lyrics.
Since its formation, Kyle has had the freedom to write music that separates himself from previous projects and have total creative freedom. Not just writing acoustic music, but allowing other instruments to fully experiment and expand his songwriting.
Pay The Man has played numerous gigs, festivals and tours around Wales and has started to play more shows in England with no signs of ceasing to go further.
Pay the Man plans to release his debut album “Regulars” in 2021.

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Jessy Morgan reviewed Pay The Man 2 months ago

Pay The Man, a grungy alternative rock acoustic one-man project has more life in it than a puppy feeling grass for the first time. Their 2021 debut album, ‘Regulars’ features varied tempo’s, with ‘Situationship’ taking a huge portion of it’s spotlight. It’s high energy, a true display of talent of Pay The Man’s front and only man, Kyle.
What really stands out for ‘Regulars’ is it’s grunge tones on top of the prominent sound of the acoustic guitar. It would be amazing to see Pay The Man live, to see if it stands up to it’s recorded versions – because I’m really digging this! The bio states about the projects “creative freedom,” and what this freedom has escalated to is a catchy, country meets alternative love-child parented by Soundgarden and Bryan Adams. A bit of a mad combination, but give ‘Regulars’ a listen and you’ll see what I mean. I bet there’s probably a ton of other comparison’s too.
Overall, Pay The Man has a unique selling point, and that’s it alternative, high energy music that’s wrapped in an unwinding and compelling blanket of it’s acoustic wonder.
Sleeping on Pay The Man would be a mistake, the project is a one-of-a-kind journey promoting excitement and boldness,

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