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Parlour Suns are a young 4 piece Alt. Pop-Rock band formed in 2020, Plymouth, UK.

Formed in Plymouth, 2020, Parlour Suns are an Alt. Pop-Rock band consisting of frontman & rhythm guitarist Robson Knott (22), bass playing back-up vocalist Greg Evans (22), lead guitarist Aiden Bond (22) and drummer Lewis Curtis (20).

In their first year as a band, Parlour Suns spent time writing songs to find their sound. By February 2021, they had recorded 5 tracks at Momentum Studios with Josiah Manning as the producer, which were later mastered by Grant Berry of Fader Mastering. These songs are set to be released throughout 2021 and the band hopes they are received well by fans of both Pop-Rock, Alt. Rock, and Pop Punk genres.

Parlour Suns are formerly known as With Notion, of which they received great support during that era from the likes of BBC Introducing, who broadcasted their tracks ‘Give It A Try’ and ‘Drive Night’ on BBC Radio Devon & Cornwall. As well as on the live scene, opening shows for Hopeless Records own ‘ROAM’ in Exeter and former Pure Noise Records ‘Forever Came Calling’ in Plymouth. Their other notable achievements include being featured on German Record Label ‘KROD Records’ Punk Rock Spotify Playlist and Discovered Magazines ‘Break Through’ Spotify playlist for February 2020.

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Jessy Morgan reviewed Parlour Suns 1 month ago

Parlour Suns most recent release ‘What Else Can I Do Wrong?’ solidifies my previous review. It’s yet another demonstration of chemistry between instruments that compliment the vocals. ‘What Else Can I Do Wrong?’ features that bouncy, pop tones wrapped in a layer of mystery – there’s areas in which you expect a heavy break but instead met with groovy beats. If you’re not moving to this track, then you’re simply not listening loud enough. A very favourable part of this track is that subtle but deep pounding bass that contrasts the clean rhythmic guitar. It’s a perfectly balanced track, featuring balanced levels of instrumentals that allow each component to let their talents shine through.

It’s fair to say that Parlour Suns have found their sound and did so prior to this release, but what this track does is emphasise their continued passion and talent for songwriting. These are no one trick ponies, they’re proving their continuous growth and development as a band. They’re showing their strengths within their genre which is setting them apart from the crowd. Once more, they’ve displayed their perfectionism through high quality work that will give the industry a run for their money.

Again, this IS a band that will one day, fill an arena of people, but until then, these lads have a very exciting career that will be inspiring to watch.

Jessy Morgan reviewed Parlour Suns 3 months ago

Rock music is very much alive, and Parlour Suns are an example of that. Kicking off my introduction to Parlour Suns with their latest release ‘Figure It Out,’ I’m thrown a deep bass and cadenced drums. Science says that the sound of a shallow bass is what makes a track catchy and appealing, and that is certainly what Parlour Suns have created with this track. The reverberation of the track is balanced so incredibly well that it draws attention to the talent of the clean guitar notes and emphasises the variance of vocals. I’m already blown away – Parlour Suns oozes talent with their song writing in their recent release.

A more combative start with their (also recent but previous release) ‘Embers.’ It’s a reminder that rock the rock genre has such a varied sound, and this Plymouth based quartet are showing their expertise in every corner. ‘Embers’ display an ability to slow down, speed up, stop and start at all the right places. The sound you hear from these two tracks makes you believe that these lads have been doing this for years, but more surprisingly, the faces behind the music belong to a group of early 20’s friends. Knowing this only makes it more exciting to follow Parlour Suns. The talent displayed in these tracks are astonishing! Forming in 2020, the group has already found an established sound for themselves that offers so much room for movement and experimentation.

There’s little to compare the band, however if you’re a fan of the Glastonbury line ups, then you’re likely going to be a fan of Parlour Suns. They don’t feel like a small time band that would be playing intimate shows to ten or so people – you can quite easily envision them in big venues with hundreds (hell, I’d even say thousands) of fans reciting the lyrics back at them.

Marcus Osborne reviewed Parlour Suns 4 months ago

“Embers” by Parlour Suns is probably one of the best debut single releases I’ve heard in a long, long time. Where do I start?!

The vocals are incredible, as someone who used to be a huge fan of this genre of power-rock music a few years ago, I’m quite specific when it comes to vocal tones because they carry so much of the sound. Lucky for these guys, they’ve got a vocalist who has a formidably dynamic range that compliments the instrumentation beautifully without stealing the spotlight.

Combined with the airy guitars and punching drums, Parlour Suns have mastered the art of pop-rock songwriting in the space of one bloody release! A fantastic step into the underground industry that will definitely make a mark when the right ears are tuned in, especially for fans of artists like Deaf Havana, You Me At Six, Young Guns etc.

I’ve got my eye on you guys.

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