Alternative Rock, Ambient, Melodic Post Hardcore, Post Hardcore

Melancholy Post Hardcore From Cardiff

Over the last three years PARLA has seen an enormous amount of growth in respect of their repertoire. Following relocation to Cardiff in September 2019 the band released a string of long loved stand alone singles, the perfect goodbye to an old identity. Closing the door on one chapter to open a new one, the band underwent a significant lineup change and locked themselves away to write and record their debut EP. ‘Fervour/Further’ was released independently on February 19th 2021 and is the bands most organic body of work today. Cathartic post-hardcore acts as a frantic bed for impassioned lyrics, and the bands newfound love for their art shines through every aspect of their latest record. With EP II already under construction, the band have found their feet and look forward to showcasing their new discography out on the road with mates in CUFFS this October.

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Marcus Osborne reviewed PARLA 11 months ago

I’m loving how many new bands are appearing on here lately, it makes me so excited for the future of UK music & PARLA are no exception to this. Their debut single ‘Charlies Song’ is a pure rock ballad at its core, with a punky undertone that’s mostly masked by the big, stadium rock style choruses, but peeks through in the verses/bridges and boasting a post-rock element about it. I like the fact that when I first listened to this track, I wasn’t thinking ‘okay, I can see what these guys are TRYING to do’, but instead, felt that the band know exactly what sound they want and have achieved that from the starting line, which is hugely commendable on its own.

All these guys need to do, is get out there and play some shows – the rest will come naturally. I’m sure of it.

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