No Murder No Moustache

Folk Punk

Anti-establishment Celtic Folk Punk with a Welsh twist

No Murder No Moustache fuses anti-establishment punk rock with celtic acoustic sounds. You can expect bilingual songs about bad governments, anti-facism, coming together to fight injustice, mental health struggles, people who died too young, and retrospective terrible life decisions. This is mixed with songs about video games, being intimated by teenagers at the skate park, drinking beer, and trying not to be a poser.

No Murder No Moustache is Owen Crawford, who has attempted to balance being in bands with real life for the last 18 years. Owen has played in Metal, Punk, and Rock bands based around South Wales, depped for other bands, touring the UK and parts of Europe.

On record, No Murder No Moustache uses a plethora of instruments and guest backing vocalists.

At live shows No Murder No Moustache ranges from lone acoustic guitar and vocal, to multi-sample triggering building up a sonic experience that goes beyond an angry man with a guitar, whilst maintaining the raw authenticity and emotion that is apparent in each song.

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Marcus Osborne reviewed No Murder No Moustache 6 months ago

“Showertime In The Slammer” is almost like a classic English ballad, driven by delicate stringed instruments and accents to boost the vocal melody – but not smother it. The vocal harmonies are a real treat too, a brotherhood of male vocals dominate the track and really bring home that medieval folk sound and resonates with the listener in comforting, husky tone. The lead vocal fling us back to the modern day with lovelorn content and a progressive melody, but the pace of the strings drags out these chirpy tones and adds a darker element to the piece.

A very interesting release that I would definitely enjoy in the right setting, I’m curious to see what else No Murder No Moustache comes up with!

Jessy Morgan reviewed No Murder No Moustache 6 months ago

Folk punk? Cardiff? This is definitely down my street. No Murder No Moustache are politically driven, on the edge of your seat group that doesn’t take life too seriously. Their music brings upbeat, sea shanty folk punk that is no less than authentic when it comes down to it. Appearing on a compilation album titled ‘A Tribute To Pro Skater 1 + 2’ by Smash Mouse Records that describes this Cardiff based trio to a tee, No Murder No Moustache is a delicacy reminiscent that combines new sounds with the old. You think you know, but you don’t. They’ve got a lot of unpredictability going track to track.

They may not hold the most perfected sound, – its raw, a little mismatched and equalisers seem all over the place at times but their energy makes up for it , and that’s the true spirit of punk. It’s a middle finger to the mainstream, and that’s the appeal to No Murder No Moustache. Their music is a hobby, not a business, it’s fun and real. Its empathetic and humorous in all the right places. Its an anthem for the little people, the kind of music that has the true potential to reach the hearts of many around the country.

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