Night Motor

Alt Rock, Garage Rock, Goth, Post Punk, Synth-Rock

Post-punk garage rock fiends.

Night Motor are a post-punk bunch of garage rock fiends. Their material is infused with a counter-intuitive sense of alluring distaste, while the pounding rhythms and melodies will keep you rooted. Their processed frequencies reveal a tense use of textures, as synths, dirty drums and confrontational guitars fight for space in a wall of noise distilled from goth and industrial themes.

Mawgan Lewis – Guitar and Backing Vocals.

Mat McIvor – Vocals.

Pete Knight – Bass.

Kelly Green – Keyboards, Theremin and Backing Vocals.

Jonny Hipgrave – Drums and Samples.

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Marcus Osborne reviewed Night Motor 7 months ago

FATAL by Night Motor is right up my street, reminiscent of Brighton-based mathy-punky-indie kids Squid, with a smattering of IDLES and a dashing of Viagra Boys. This slack-jawed sound is ripping through the heavy music scene at the moment and is allowing artists to express themselves in newer, more unconventional ways than ever before. Night Motor are no exception, but nonetheless, a welcomed addition.

Night Motor ooze confidence, aggressively blended with the perfect amount of poise, gusto and funky rhythms – there’s a real ‘complete’ feeling to this band. They know who they are.

The recording quality is solid throughout “FATAL” and the songwriting lends itself incredibly well to the record and the abilities of the band members, not at any point did I lose interest or find a track was weaker than any others. Although, I will say that even though this is an incredibly well-written piece of art, none of the tracks stand out individually for me – which could be taken either way, depending on the bands intent with the release and how they want listeners to interpret it.

As someone who is really starting to see a rise in this kind of reverb-heavy post-punk anthems, I can whole-heartedly say that Night Motor sound just as good as the kingpins of the scene right now and could easily hold their own alongside all the names previously mentioned. They know what they are doing (on record at least), we just need to get our asses in gear and help speed up the process of making Night Motor a classic post-punk household name!

Most importantly, I need to see them live!

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