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Alt-Rock/Grunge, girl trio from Derby, UK. As heard on BBC Introducing and Kerrang! Radio

What does it feel like to be one of society’s rejects? We all fall down from time to time and it’s important to pick ourselves up again. We must first own that rejection, accept it and then understand that it is fine to be your own true self.

MUDDIBROOKE express themselves clearly by owning their past and the angst of identity and giving the message of self-acceptance, being your own person and to wear that proudly. Their upcoming, debut EP, ‘LUNACY’ explores living through the challenges of life; those moments that make you feel a bit crazy and question your reasoning.


With time to reset, revisit and evaluate it was a perfect opportunity in a far-from-perfect period for the songs to grow. Time passed when the band were unable to be together in the studio but the music became bigger, better and felt closer to home. ‘FAKE IT’ speaks to us about the daily struggles and those things we need to do to get through. ‘LIVERPOOL GUY’ is the story of celebrating your inner party animal and enjoying life’s freedoms to the full, both potentials for new beginnings.

“We love to be able to play together, bringing our songs to life and hearing them as we first imagined, it’s always the best feeling for us. You can plan beforehand but songs truly take another shape when you plug in together and hear them, they’re supposed to be loud and that’s what we’re here to do”.

MUDDIBROOKE release their long-awaited DEBUT EP “LUNACY” on 22nd OCTOBER 2021 and will be available on CD, LIMITED EDITION VINYL and on ALL DIGITAL PLATFORMS.

On the release of a debut there is almost certainly an atmosphere of anticipation, a level of hope and in the case of MUDDIBROOKE the hope comes from the stories in the songs. By looking at the human condition, from an emotional perspective this gives us permission to move on; to move forward and hopefully never look back.

“This is the first time and the first opportunity to bring the songs from the EP to a live audience, something we have been waiting to do for what seems like a lifetime. The true test of performance is to see the reaction from the audience, the raw energy between us and the faces in front, there’s nothing quite like it and its the best feeling in the world”.

MUDDIBROOKE have just released a brand new video for latest single, ‘LIVERPOOL GUY’ and are set to tour with many shows booked around the UK.

For more information and news go to and pre-order the EP from the website.

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Marcus Osborne reviewed MuddiBrooke 1 month ago

MuddiBrooke are a fierce and ferocious all female three piece (try saying that one 10 times) who use hard-hitting grunge tones and early 2000’s inspired vocal melodies to create a post-grunge sound that has definitely caught my attention in the first 10 seconds.

This a brave sound to venture into, I always find it’s easy for this type of grunge to repetitive if hasn’t been diversified enough. MuddiBrooke have meticulously developed their tone to span across the genre, with everything from acoustic-driven numbers to stadium-ready ballads that would blow the roof off of any venue. There’s a real confidence that shines through their tracks that gives them even more character and i’d bet they would give it 110% in a live setting.

I’m looking forward to following their journey and seeing where they end up in a few years, I have high hopes for this bunch!

MuddiBrooke replied 1 month ago

Amazing review – thank you so much Marcus!!
We would love it if you could keep us in mind for any show/festivals coming up!
Our email is

Many thanks,

Jessy Morgan reviewed MuddiBrooke 1 month ago

The first track that stood out to me just because of its name was ‘Straight Jacket’ and at first listen, I really got the impression that MuddiBrooke was more noise-rock than anything. It didn’t hit the right places it needed to, so I moved along to their latest track, ‘Liverpool Guy’ and convinced myself I was listening to another group all together. I had to check to make sure, and yep, this is MuddiBrooke. I instantly got that anarchist punk vibe; a taste of chaos in the youth. ‘Liverpool Guy’ feels like an ode to that relatable situation of being stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to a quick romance. It’s got that real grungy drive with distorted instruments, it’s like being dragged backwards into the early 90s where punk started to find its place within other genres.
Okay, so I’m invested. Time to check out ‘Devil,’ that was released Halloween of last year. It’s a slower moving track that is very gripping. The hoarse vocals atop the clean guitar is empowering, it’s more of a statement than a track. Despite it’s haunting lyrics, it comes across as more of a personal rise. Like coming out the other side of a traumatic experience equipped and ready to stand tall. At this point, I’m starting to doubt my first gripe with ‘Straight Jacket.’ After two tracks that shows this trio’s talent and chemistry, how can one track feel so out of place?
And that’s when it hit me. The name! There is no way that anyone could be sane while their movement is bound by a straight jacket. That the noise inside someone’s head must be so loud, it’s got to escape somewhere. It’s not just a title, it’s a theme. So, press play, and let’s go again.
It’s only this time around that I get the artistry and understand the track a little more. That this track is a portrayal of experience, a clear message that sometimes not everything is able to perfectly fit together like puzzle pieces. Sometimes the chaos is pounding and there’s only one way to let it out – tell the entire world.
MuddiBrookes debut EP ‘Lunacy’ is due for release soon, and after this brief yet inspiring encounter with them, I’m very interested to see what kind of compilation they put out.

MuddiBrooke replied 1 month ago

Hi Jessy,
Thank you so much for your amazing review!! You really got every little detail we were trying to put across!
If you email us over your postal address, we’ll happily send over a CD of ‘Lunacy’ as a thank you! Our address is

Thanks again!!
Brooke x

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