Midwich Cuckoos

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Plenty of guitars & big sound

Midwich Cuckoos, are an explosive, rock’n’roll, punk and metal experiment which was initially put together by friends from around the world. What started out as a handful of songs written from one friend to another soon became a thoroughly 21st century, unpredictable, international punk-rock clusterfuck.

As a reaction to their 2018 experimental debut album ‘We Are Everywhere’, Midwich Cuckoos cemented a permanent line up, honed their live shows and then went into the studio to refine their identity…

2021’s world events had something different in mind, and all of a sudden their plague masked mascot, DeeDee, became a topical subject amongst friends and fans….. Visibility is poor, but the breathability and comfort of the leather is certainly superior for a trip to the supermarket, in case you were wondering.

To keep creative and to tide over their flock of fans, the band released a series of acoustic renditions of their songs to keep spirits up in Lockdown. Weaving different genres with acoustic instruments, allowed for the music and lyrics to take on different meanings.

The tracks have now been packaged up as an EP titled, ‘Going Nowhere: The Lockdown Sessions’, and will soon be available on all digital platforms with an additional track, to provide a bit more fun until the band’s next full-length album, ‘Death And Glory’, due out in 2022.


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Marcus Osborne reviewed Midwich Cuckoos 5 months ago

Oh lawd that drum intro is so bloody tasty, looks like we’ve got some seasoned musicians here folks, better be on our best behaviour!

Midwich Cuckoos is a name that’s been floating around for a good while, so I was really excited when they first joined the website as I’ve needed a reason to invest some time into some new bands. This was the perfect excuse to finally sit down and discover this fantastic band i’d seen floating around the scene over the years.

Ranging from throat blistering hardcore punk/metal to beautifully executed ska/acoustic tracks with all the lovely fillings in-between. Midwich Cuckoos have a defining sound that makes them stand out from the crowd in ways that will please most listeners to some degree. Their most recent full length release is proof of the bands comfort in their ability and a confidence to experiment with elements that wouldn’t traditionally be used in this genre of music. Its rare to come across a band that tick pretty much every box and could adapt to every situation if needed, without sacrificing continuity, integrity or musical identity. I’m incredibly impressed with their diversity and broad range of talent across multiple genres, it’s almost unfair!

I’ve really enjoyed what i’ve heard and would love to get them on a show sometime, I’m itching to hear them in a live setting.

Jessy Morgan reviewed Midwich Cuckoos 5 months ago

The latest release for Midwich Cuckoos is their compilation of lockdown sessions. It’s their tracks turned acoustic, where you hear the real vocal range of the bands vocalist atop the mellow strums of the guitar. But what Midwich Cuckoo’s are all about is vastly different to their latest release – they’re usually loud, tumultuously energetic channelling pure anarchy through their music.

Let’s take ‘Russian Doll’ for an example. I dived straight in to their lockdown sessions so I could experience the band at their most vulnerable and it’s a beautifully written track. It’s perfect in tempo, it’s mellow and most of all the music sweeps you up like a current. In the original, you’re instantly greeted by the most obnoxious drum beat that’s loud and chaotic. It’s an explosion of sound deep inside your ear canals; like sipping on a coffee that has 4 shots of espresso with zero milk to take that bitter edge off. Midwich Cuckoos might be an acquired taste beyond their lockdown sessions, but their demonstration of talent makes it worth keeping an eye on them in the long run.

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