South West
Death Metal, Melodic Metal, Thrash Metal

Melodic thrash/death metal from the South West of England

Mechanized perform a melodic blend of modernĀ  thrash and death metal.
Comprised of various veterans of the South West metal scene, members previous bands include The Florentine Camerata, Conrete Donkey, King Bison and Huron.

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Marcus Osborne reviewed Mechanized 4 weeks ago

“United In Misery” is a straight-up classic death metal track, with powerful double bass-driven drums leading the mix and low-end heavy guitar riffs bringing the bounce. As the track develops we hear elements of thrash and even hardcore in certain places, but the intense gut-powered vocals bring that darkened metal edge to tie it all together. It’s brutally furious and leaves no room for a breather.

All in all, this is a very well-put-together track that has a lot of interesting sections and keeps the listener entertained all the way through. Mechanized could easily sit on a playlist of other killer heavy metal acts and would be right at home!

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