Matilda Bruch

Acoustic Folk, Acoustic Pop, Dub, Dub Reggae

In 2018, Matilda Bruch meets Bredrin Records and a collaboration is made between Rennes (France) and Paris (France). This leads to an EP called «Please Care» in which there are four tunes, that are now out on digital platforms since august 2021. This project is a bridge between the powerful dub melodies created by Bredrin Records, and Matilda’s sensitive and emotional pop/folk music. The idea of this project, is to mix and share two musical styles together. This is a key element of Bredrin Record’s work, in which they constantly mix different styles together. Matilda Bruch got a master’s degree in graphic design in 2019 in Rennes’s Fine Arts school. At that same time she starts performing her music alone either on stage or when busking with her guitar, piano and voice. In 2020, she releases a first EP «September love», recorded live during a radio podcast for C-Lab radio. A second EP is now being prepared. The Bredrin Records label has been created by EK (François Risoud) who has a training in jazz piano, and Benjahman (Benjamin Varin) who is self-taught. This crew composes and produces reggae and dub tunes for international and national dub soundsystems. They have already been played by King Earthquake, Jah Shaka, Blackboard Jungle, Lion’s Den... . The team has asked Linda Merad to do the illustration for this EP. The graphic design is created by the label.

Passionate of music, theatre, graphic design and photography, Matilda Bruch shares with us her world. Influenced by artists such as The Cranberries, Yseult, Agnès Obel, Birdy, this young artist summons all these beautiful energies within her music.
The power of love and sadness are the foundations of Matilda’s music and it is what brings this sensitive color, on the one hand cold but on the other, full of light.
Matilda Bruch loves to exchange with the public, she appreciates busking in the streets, to be as close as possible to the audience. Today, she starts off her career in Rennes, to share her compositions.
The sobriety of her instruments allows her voice to be beautifuly put forward.
In the press…
“An enchanted music, subtle and honest, (…) Matilda Bruch unveils today her authentic compositions, delicate and sensitive (…) she sings alone, which puts perfectly forward her superb voice. She embarks us on a beautiful, sweet, and vaporous journey”. C Lab Radio

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Marcus Osborne reviewed Matilda Bruch 1 month ago

An unexpected and pleasant surprise, “Please Care” by Matilda Bruch is a groove-ridden dub-reggae feast with all the trimmings – and i’m bloody starving.

Bouncing and flowing from dub-driven sections with distant vocals, swiftly changing to vocal-driven verses and stripped down choruses to really emphasise the lyrics. Matilda very clearly takes a lot of pride in the delivery of her music, using these moments of emptiness to accent her vocals in ways that play with the positive sounding melodies and add some depth to these raw and honest tracks.

There isn’t a lot of room for error with this bare-boned reggae release and I really respect this bold approach, it’s very brave! There’s some elements where the vocals might be a little too intricate for my liking, but overall this EP is a really enjoyable and i’m looking forward to hearing more in the future!

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