Berkshire, Reading, UK
Alternative Hip Hop, Math Rock, Noise Rock, Post Hardcore, Punk, Punk-Electronic

Post hardcore/math rock/alt-hip hop band. Three piece. Noisy bois. Reading, UK.

Formed and based out of Reading, UK – Masquerader is a contrast of noisy experimental electronics with a live-instrument rhythm section, balancing tricky time signatures with moshpit energy.

We are Tim, Chris and Danny; a drummer, bassist and synthesist-vocalist respectively. The three of us met and formed in 2016 out of the University of Reading music scene and a couple of part-time jobs in a local rehearsal studio. We each found ourselves stuck from a creative lull, and we bonded over the imposter syndrome feeling of being musicians without active projects. As we thought of it, the sense of being a masquerader.

Drawing influences from post-hardcore punk, math and noise rock, and alt hip-hop, our band is a raw portrait of the friction against our musical and emotional discomfort. Forgoing lead guitars, we embrace a sparse and stripped-back dynamic as a core band – filling the sonic void with angular electronics, whilst lyrically firing from the hip at the world’s shortcomings.

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Marcus Osborne reviewed Masquerader 1 week ago

Masquerader are such an exciting new band for anyone with a need for pure power. Their electronically driven dark rock sound is incredibly refined for such a new act, there’s not one moment during their debut single “Pressure” that isn’t filled with unearthly energy and they pull it off like one of the greats.

Daringly abrasive, this debut release hits you in the face like a brick wall of fury, driven by the snappy drums and overwhelming synth tones. The rap-influenced vocal melody adds even more to this unstoppable pace and makes the track erupt during the catchy choruses. If this was my bands debut single, I’d be very proud.

Nova Twins, Enter Shikari, and to all the tech-head blasters out there – you better watch your step. I’m so excited to see them perform at Attitude Festival this year!

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