Mango In Euphoria

Darkwave, Dream Pop, Electronic Rock, Pop Rock

Starting her project in London after being employed in Florida and travelling through the United States, French-born Alternative artist and songwriter Mango In Euphoria quickly found her audience when she dropped her first experimental work at the end of 2020.

The singer is an emerging talent noticeable by her quirky style and her mysterious signature voice, matching her very own unique musical tracks mixing Electronic Rock, Dream Pop and Dark-wave genres.

Creating melodies coming from her mind with virtual instruments and recording with a very basic microphone during the global Coronavirus pandemic, Mango In Euphoria also began to work remotely with Belgian producer Philippe Francq who helped her developing a lot of demos with physical instruments inspired from vintage influences such as the Twin Peaks series soundtracks, The Cure, and Garbage. As Mango was mainly musically influenced by Grimes, Marilyn Manson and Lana Del Rey, there’s no doubt that the result would be quiet outstanding.


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Marcus Osborne reviewed Mango In Euphoria 2 months ago

Ahh Ms Mango, you never fail to amaze me.

“Under The Sun” is another incredibly unique release by the dark art pop artist, boasting a fragility that is empowered by the droning synths and pingy basslines. I would love to see the creative process for creating her music, the extra elements and twisted soundscapes are layered in ways that hide their complexity to create a seemingly stripped-back track – when in reality it’s far from simple.

Bjork fans rejoice, we’ve got a nice ripe mango with your name on it!

Marcus Osborne reviewed Mango In Euphoria 9 months ago

“Golden Shrine” is something else. I’ve not heard anything quite like this before and that should be taken as a massive compliment. It’s so difficult to create something effortlessly unique that instantly ties the art to the artist but is also not a desperate attempt at unatural originality.

Mango In Euphoria is already a pretty memorable name, but what’s even more wild, is that the name suits the music perfectly. I know that doesn’t make any sense right now, but once you listen – you’ll understand. Trust me.

The dark edge to Mangos music is really tastefully added. Although isn’t as prevalent in this track, it still creeps in through her low-end vocal melodies, alongside a slight flamenco-inspired edge that gives this track a unique pace to play around with on top of the slightly twisted toneallity.

You have my attention Ms Mango, I’m looking forward to seeing what else you’ve got!

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