Malcolm Galloway

Classical, Electronic, Minimal, Post Minimalism, Prog Rock

Classical minimalist and frontman of prog/alt-rock band Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate

Malcolm Galloway is a contemporary classical/minimalist composer and the frontman/ multi-instrumentalist of award winning¬†prog rock band Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate.

His classical music has been played on stations including BBC Radio 3 and his combined video-art/music pieces played at the National Gallery. His album Transitions was features in Sid Smith’s Prog magazine pick of the year.

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Marcus Osborne reviewed Malcolm Galloway 11 months ago

Wasp 76b is a real piece of art, musicianship at its absolute finest, depending on your viewpoint that is.

As someone who has always enjoyed loud, heavy, screamy punk music since a young age, I’ve learnt to find more pleasure in simplicities than complexities. But, this track has managed to combine the two gorgeously and effortlessly, proving that musical prowess doesn’t need to be daunting to the listener.

Wasp 76b is complex in composition and musical ability, but simple in its digestion. Its not intimidating to listen to, nor is it a ‘show off’ piece – it’s a well written piece of music that suits its purpose and shows a real control of artistic timing and impact.

Really nice to find something like this on here, keep ’em coming!

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