Ambient, Cinematic, Post Rock

A well-rehearsed stage show with a custom light show. No awkward tuning breaks in-between songs. A concept record made up of one piece of music. Everything Lonesome does is thought out from inception and has an artistic purpose.

Lonesome are a five-piece Post-Rock band hailing from the fenland of Cambridgeshire. Remolded from previous outfits, Lonesome’s drastic change in style and approach wasn’t a planned move, but something that developed naturally as they begun the writing process for their first record “To Myself, From Myself” (released 26th April 2019).

Lonesome create a very particular brand of post-rock which ebbs and flows—between ethereal ambient sections and huge crescendos which is evident in their debut record.

At the heart of it, their debut release—”To Myself, From Myself”—is a concept album. It’s a letter written in a positive state of mind to a younger self, referring to a point in life where the reader felt trapped and struggled to see a future for themselves. It’s a record full of comfort and promise, from a present self with the experience of getting through the hard times.

A stand-alone single – a sequel to their debut record – “To Myself, From Myself” is coming soon; following on musically and conceptually from where they left off.

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Marcus Osborne reviewed Lonesome 1 month ago

“To Myself, From Myself”, Lonesomes most recent full-album release is a real treat. Beautifully atmospheric and daringly powerful, a true and honest statement of musical ability that is seemingly faultless.

Its not often I’m blown away like I am right now, as someone who has always enjoyed an ‘inspirational’ sound, Lonesome have nailed this down and have laid down the foundations of what could be an incredibly promising career ahead, they definitely deserve it.

A seminal and career defining release that is consistently harmonious, powered by epic sounding instrumentation and carefully placed vocals throughout, flowing graciously and crashing spectacularly to create some of the most impactful soundscapes I’ve heard in a long time.

My eyes couldn’t be anymore peeled for the new single.

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