Ambient, Cinematic, Post Rock

A well-rehearsed stage show with a custom light show. No awkward tuning breaks in-between songs. A concept record made up of one piece of music. Everything Lonesome does is thought out from inception and has an artistic purpose.

Changing the perception of how an album should be heard, live or on record, is how Lonesome have approached writing their music so far. The six piece Post-Rock band have started with the release of their debut concept EP ‘To Myself, From Myself’ (26th April 2019). The record being one piece split into six parts, taking the listener on a reflective journey of oneself, from the future to the past. 

Lonesome are not your typical Post-Rock band, taking a large dose of inspiration from the Melodic Hardcore genre and mixing that with a film score temperament to create their own space in the Post-Rock genre. Clean ethereal parts mix fluidly into huge wall of sound Crescendos creating the sound on which the band thrive. 

From selling out the first show in their hometown to playing across the country with Parachutes For Gordo and A Night Like This, to having their EP as a top ten release via Heavy blog is heavy; Lonesome have started to bring their artistic purpose to the fore. 

Building on the concept of the EP, their new single Inure will be released 10th September. Another chapter in the musical journey continuing from To Myself, From Myself. 

This is Part 2.  

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Hannah Gimblett reviewed Lonesome 3 months ago

The very much-awaited sequel to Lonesome’s brilliant album ‘To Myself, From Myself’, is here in the form of their brand new single ‘Inure’.
In comparison to their debut release, they’ve succeeded in heightening the ambience, alongside encapsulating everything the six-piece has set out to achieve from the onset with their music, yet with a much stronger impact upon the listener.
With this latest insight into Lonesome’s ongoing musical potential, it’s clear how they’ve managed to truly establish their own space within the post-Rock genre. ‘Inure’ ranges from the most delicate instrumentation and vocals filled with melancholy, then building to an incredibly powerful cinematic creation that, of course, makes me look ahead to what might be next for this noteworthy band.

Josh Bessant reviewed Lonesome 4 months ago

Lonesome – inure

A somber song with ambient feel. This track is able to go big by keeping you at a simmer throughout. Reminiscent of the same emotion put out by bands such as Deaf Havana and Black Foxes, putting out a film score Lonesome are coming in with a very different way or releasing music.
(For those that don’t know, Lonesome have a concept EP ‘To Myself, From Myself’ that has been split into 6 parts, all flowing as one track)

Inure constantly feels like it’s building into something. The full swings of the chorus is almost spiritual, bringing you into a full release of emotion but toes that line between pretty guitar twangs and biblical mass sound perfectly.

Usually this isn’t my kinda bag musically but the work/creativity that has gone into this way or releasing music and everything that accompany’s it is undeniable. Well done guys. I look forward to seeing how this concept progresses.

Marcus Osborne reviewed Lonesome 10 months ago

“To Myself, From Myself”, Lonesomes most recent full-album release is a real treat. Beautifully atmospheric and daringly powerful, a true and honest statement of musical ability that is seemingly faultless.

Its not often I’m blown away like I am right now, as someone who has always enjoyed an ‘inspirational’ sound, Lonesome have nailed this down and have laid down the foundations of what could be an incredibly promising career ahead, they definitely deserve it.

A seminal and career defining release that is consistently harmonious, powered by epic sounding instrumentation and carefully placed vocals throughout, flowing graciously and crashing spectacularly to create some of the most impactful soundscapes I’ve heard in a long time.

My eyes couldn’t be anymore peeled for the new single.

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