Last Edition

Punk, Ska, Ska Punk

Sax-fuelled ska punk quartet from Leicester, UK!

Last Edition are a sax-driven, ska punk quartet from Leicester.

Together for over a decade, Last Edition have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with the likes of Reel Big Fish, Mad Caddies, Anti-Flag, Big D and the Kids Table and The King Blues to name just a few.

Heavily influenced by two-tone, and third-wave ska – Last Edition’s live set boasts high-energy, hard-hitting ska punk that will leave you with a smile on your face.

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Marcus Osborne reviewed Last Edition 11 months ago

Absolutely lovely, I’ve got a real soft spot for ska punk but I can very rarely find stuff that hits me with the right energy with a decent amount of instrumentation. Sometimes it’s easy for a band to just play something easy because it sounds fun, but Last Edition have really taken time to develop their tracks into powerful ska-punk anthems that could rival those of Less Than Jake and Streetlight Manifesto.

As mentioned, the tracks are well developed and have plenty to offer whilst being wholeheartedly ska-punk, but also different enough not to lose it’s flair. The saxophone adds an almost gypsy edge in some tracks, which is something I’ve always loved in bands like Last Edition. It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway- I would be gassed to see these lot in a packed out tent at somewhere like Beautiful Days festival. Wait, whats a festival again?

Last Edition are the sort of band that make you miss the pure unmatched joy of live music and will hopefully make you all drool as much as I am right now. Now, where’s my calendar and pen…

Adam Ruane reviewed Last Edition 11 months ago

Last Edition are absolutely amazing!

It’s pretty hard to find underground ska bands that are even remotely on this level.

They bring energy, power, freshness and are just easy to listen to, they make ska effortless, which it absolutely is not.

Last Edition pack a punch and the recorded sound transfers brilliantly to a live setting.

Feel good music you can just sink into and party to.

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