90's Rock, Alt Metal, Alternative, Emo, Punk

Moody, gazy, 90s nostalgia

KIJERA is a Bristol based solo artist.
Taking inspiration from a wide variety of artists including Smashing Pumpkins, HUM, Talking Heads, Failure, Deftones, The Smiths, The Cure, Jeff Buckley, blink-182, Loathe and much more.

Suffix is out now on all popular music streaming platforms and the next EP/Album will be started once the lockdown is over and I am able to make money once again


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Marcus Osborne reviewed KIJERA 7 months ago

Dark and moody, Kijera is the real deal. A bedroom artist with all the skills to create these unearthly tones that border along the lines of the darkest of grunge songs, then blast into a full-throttle screaming vocal layered over a brash metal track – but still retaining that signature sludgy tempo.

“I Don’t Mind” is the soundtrack to the descent into hell and before you imagine it – no, it’s not the heaviest thing in the world. But it hits just the same, if not harder. A real command of dynamics is shown here, building up until an all-mighty ending that doesn’t attack your senses, but still provides an all-engulfing experience.

“War Within Me” dials it back slightly and implores a more early-2000s nu-rock sound with melodic vocals ands a big, open drum patterns and breakdowns galore. A catchy track that shows another side to this multi-faced artist.

Then we end with “Take A Chance With You Soul” which is almost a straight-up grunge track, but it’s overall demeanour still resonating with the previous tracks as the song reaches its end.

Kijera is clearly still experimenting with his sound, but it’s not lost on me that his talent and ability to write dark, heavy music should be admired. Once he’s figured out his path, whichever way that may be – we should all be ready to hear a lot more of Kijera!

Kijeraa replied 3 months ago

Hey, Thank you so much for the positive review. My second EP should be out by the start of next year.
Thanks again 🙂

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