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honest, blissful, ambient

JORDAN. is an Edinburgh based Scottish singer-songwriter and producer specialising in a mixture of melancholic, ambient, downtempo pop with ear rattling sub-bass and lush auto-tuned melodies sprinkled over the top, all of which help carry his deeply unapologetic songwriting.

His latest single Anything Can Happen is taken from the upcoming March 12th slated EP, Echoes:Volume One. A project made possible via production, mixing and mastering by Edinburgh based alumni, Mastaki.

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Henri Herbert reviewed JORDAN. 10 months ago

“Anything Can Happen” is the terrific latest release by JORDAN. It’s an atmospheric, timeless ballad which starts off traditionally enough before gradually twisting and turning into a more contemporary and cutting-edge sound – thrilling. JORDAN.’S vocals are expertly produced here – and I have to say this is a great use of autotune as a device to enhance the sound and tone of JORDAN.’s voice. It presents the lyrics in a unique way which is exhilarating to listen to. The use of piano throughout is strong, and as with all good songs it’s all about the song and how the instruments are serving the lyrics.
Let’s talk about that piano! The track starts off with some beautifully recorded almost classical-sounding piano that seems to have jumped right out of the past..The way it’s mixed makes it sound far away, mysterious and haunting..before combining with the super-contemporary produced vocals. The melodic motif played on the piano is a strong counterpoint to the melody and story of the lyrics.

It’s refreshing to hear a piano used in this way for a contemporary song. I’m excited to hear how this continues in JORDAN.’s future releases.

Marcus Osborne reviewed JORDAN. 10 months ago

Phwoar, the latest release by JORDAN titled “Anything Can Happen” is a delicate emo piece at its core, but has been beautifully warped and twisted to suit a more modern style of production. JORDAN expertly fuses autotune and well presented lyrics and uses them to emphasise his already smooth toned vocal. This is how autotune should be used, in my opinion.

The track itself is deeply emotive and thought provoking, its the sort of track that will send you into a deep state of self reflection – whether you want it or not. Something to be admired is JORDANS ability to captivate the listener and transport them to another realm, much like sadcore idols Joji & Billie Eilish, who I would like to assume are inspirations in some way given the way the tracks are built.

I’m a big fan of what I’ve heard already and am really excited to hear more in the future, I could see JORDAN going very, very far.

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