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Powerful Pirate-Rock

We are all about following our rockstar dreams and encouraging everyone to follow the same while having a foot-stomping rocking time with everyone at our gigs, providing mighty one-liners, awesome powerful songs and just being human (well pirates).


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Marcus Osborne reviewed JollyRoger 1 month ago

I’ve just had a listen to JollyRogers brand new EP “Ship or Bust” and it’s everything you could want from a pirate-themed rock band, right down to the woodwind instruments and the hearty harmonies. It’s fun, theatrical and down-right jaunty!

I’ve always enjoyed themed acts for the sheer fact that they must be so incredibly fun (and challenging) to write for. With this release, JollyRoger have definitely proved they have mastered their craft. Tracks like “Aboard!”, which is my personal favorite, is controlled by the pounding pace that mimicks an old English pirate anthem, swaying like a ship in a storm and performed with the power of thousands of crew members trying to keep it afloat. There’s a stiff-lipped angst hidden behind their music, bringing a unique and darker edge to a lot of their tracks that other artists in the genre shy away from. Yes, this isn’t my first pirate-themed band review believe it or not!

JollyRoger paint a picture with their music, transporting you to a different time with the anthemic energy of a classic chanty infused with a full band. A really enjoyable release by a band who like to experiment with traditional melodies and have succeeded marvelously.

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