Alternative, Atmospheric Indie Rock

Est. 2019

We’re a group who formed in 2019, and are: Francis Harrison, Harry Bentley, Tom Bentley, Kailan Rogers.



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Marcus Osborne reviewed Holloway 4 months ago

Distant and illusive both musically and literally. Holloway haven’t provided much information about themselves online, barring just two tracks titled “When I Wake” and “The Bridge” and a few hazy gig photos. Here’s a band that doesn’t fluff their stuff and let’s their music speak for itself, so let’s let them do just that!

Both tracks harbour a real drawn-out shoegaze influence, but it’s more psychedelic, more atmospheric and a hell of a lot more soul-consuming than your average shoegaze band. These are more than songs, they are a plethora of melodic soundscapes that are stitched together with dripping basslines and angelic vocals, crafted to draw you in and never let go. I’m really impressed with the quality of musicianship and song writing ability, both tracks flow into each other seamlessly and not once did I experience a ‘weak’ section. Holloway have managed to cram so much into two songs that seem so simple on the surface, almost tricking your ears into picking apart those hidden elements which draw you in even further. It’s bloody genius.

Keep going guys, I really think you’ve got something here.

Jessy Morgan reviewed Holloway 5 months ago

Made up of four members and having a Facebook profile rather than page, Holloway are near enough a complete mystery, and their music only exaggerates that. Alternative indie rock from Plymouth, Holloway has that late 70s vibe to their track, When I Wake. Its an interesting one for sure, its chilled and easy going with chanting vocals that put you just slightly on edge. The psychedelic feel carries on with second track, The Bridge.

Its oddly appealing, like a soundtrack looking back on melancholic memories. The type of tracks that take you into your own world while you’re sitting backseat on a love drive home. Drip the rain drops down the window, turn the colour black and white – scene! Even writing this, I felt myself slip into a state of disassociation (in fact taking just little over 20 minutes to get the first sentence down!) but what Holloway have achieved in their two currently available tracks is an atmosphere that encourages a personal experience and response.

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