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Acoustic Anti-Tory Anti-Fascist Pro-Human Folk Punk

Jack of all trades master of one, Hena has a very impressive mohawk and enjoys writing in the 3rd person for bio’s.
Hena is an acoustic folk punk artist, poet, promoter, music journo and former bassist in several punk bands you likely haven’t heard of. To describe Hena’s music as 4 chords and slurs about the tories would be an oversimplification because sometimes he uses 5.

After years of live performances Hena has honed a top tier live act that is comparable to that of KISS if you remove the facepaint, pyro, 3 of the members and change the music into 4 (sometimes 5) chords and slurs about the tories.

The song & poem topics do in actuality extend into realms of addiction, mental health and social commentary but despite this the song about David Cameron fucking a pig (Tory Bastard) still tends to get the best reaction.

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Jessy Morgan reviewed Hena 9 months ago

I’m back with another review for Hena! Since my last review, Hena has released his latest track ‘Fiendin.’

There’s no doubt that Hena has a knack for his punk folk vibes, however ‘Fiendin’ hits different to the rest of his discography. The instruments seem to have taken a more kaleidoscopic impression, offering a psychedelic experience that matches the overall song. If I had to describe it to a person that has never heard music in their life, ‘Fiendin’ is a gritty slam poetry put atop the ecstasy trips you see in the films. It still holds onto Hena’s distinguished punk sound, however the anger isn’t there like the previous material.
If anything, ‘Fiendin’ shows that Hena is no one trick pony, using the art of music to explore a variety of emotions and events.

Adam Ruane reviewed Hena 9 months ago

Hena has some pretty strong old school Frank Turner vibes flowing through the music, both lyrically and composition wise.

Entwined within the debatable lyrical composites lies the very foundations of punk and every song is a rallying call for the left wing.

I tend to try not be too political within my reviewing work but when you’re faced with artists that entirely base their sound on their opinions on the state of the country it is difficult to ignore.

Putting aside the lyrical foundations the sound is pleasing, energetic and raw and it displays the old school feel of punk and its done perfectly.

A great ambassador for a better UK and a fine way of showing the power of music to get a point across.

Fuck the tories.

Hena Larkin replied 9 months ago

Thanks for the review and for checking out my tunes dude, I have a new single on Spotify that I’ve just linked through here check that out if you’re interested in hearing some of my non political content.
I’ll definitely be back putting out songs about the flaws of the government soon though as there’s no shortage of subject matter.

Jessy Morgan reviewed Hena 9 months ago

Despite the subject of a majority of Hena’s tracks being less than pleasing, there’s a charm to the sound. Staying true to the values of punk, the sprinkles of folk are heard in a DIY style recording that give the tracks a raw sense. There’s an obvious message Hena is getting across – and doing it well through the art of music. The tracks are catchy and angry and most of all, a real revolt anthem that’s likely to get the attention of fellow leftists.

Hena isn’t afraid to write, record and perform whats on his mind. A single manned music project feels like it channels the anger of many, with a handful of songs that display a genuine talent for lyric writing, toying with subjects that, for some, hit home quite hard. Even so, the folk punk artist accompanies such topics with a light and lovely guitar, turning his music into a talking point that can open the hearts and minds of many if they choose to do so.

There’s a lot of potential in Hena, and an odd sense of loyalty after first listen if you really vibe with his musical messages. While I envision coming across Hena sitting outside parliament with his guitar as his weapon of protest, I believe he can garner a solid crowd of punk mohawks into a crowded room and unify the crowd – and I’d like to witness a Hena gig to see if what I believe is actual reality.

Hena Larkin replied 9 months ago

Thanks for the review Jessy! I really appreciate you taking the time to check out my work, my newest single has just come out today and I’ve linked it on here through Spotify so give that a listen if you’re interested, it’s quite different from the previous EP’s.

You’re spot on about the vibe of my live shows definitely come check one out when gigs are back on, hit me up and I’ll get you on a guestlist.

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