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Combining high energy, eccentric performances with soaring melodic vocals and lively arrangements to produce their own blend of charismatic indie-pop, Haytor is made up of vocalist Austin Robison and brother Cameron Robison on bass, along with guitarists Jonny Lewis and Ryan Hawkins and drummer Cal Verney. Based in rural Devon Haytor pull together introspective cynical lyrics with bright joyful pop, complete with sparkling synths and playful basslines.

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Marcus Osborne reviewed Haytor 8 months ago

Oh my lord they’ve only gone and done it. They’ve bloody done it. They’ve written a certified indie banger and they’ve absolutely smashed it out of the park!

I’ve been following Haytor for a long time and have seen them develop from a local pop rock outfit playing shows in and around Exeter, they always had this charming awkwardness about them that I really enjoyed and I knew they had the potential to refine that into something special. Now, with the release of “Comatose”, it’s clear that these guys know who they are and have all the confidence and poise needed to take their music to incredible places. Haytor have evolved into a fully-fledged indie power-pop group that have the potential to really turn some heads if given the right attention. “Comatose” is elegant, atmospheric and captivating. A bonafide festival ballad designed for thousands of people to sing back in harmony and forget about the world for a moment.

Instant goosebumps fellas, top work. Long live Haytor!

Jessy Morgan reviewed Haytor 1 year ago

Known for its lively music scene and creative inspiration, Exeter is undeniably a place that has produced some of the most talented and expressive artists in the industry today. And Exeter gave us Haytor. Formed through a passion for rock, the quintet indie-pop band, is proof of the creative revolution to come out of the Midlands city inspired by pushing boundaries from the norm and contorting their talents into new ways to create innovative and euphonious music. Their latest release, Growing Pains, accompanied by a video shows their talents combined, using each instrument to its full potential to drive the track into more than just a song.

The drums take centre stage for a lot of Growing Pains, setting the overall pace and balance of the song, fluctuating its energy to match the tone throughout. It compliments the artistry that is the guitar, toying with higher notes for that upbeat, movement promoting layering on top. It’s almost story-telling as we follow Growing Pains through the motions, allowing the instruments to urge the emotions forward, including thought-provoking lyrics likely to leach themselves into your mind for a very long time after the initial listen. It feels criminal to bundle it together with those songs that you call catchy, and maybe catchy is an understatement, because Growing Pains isn’t only musically addictive, it’s a mood lifter thanks to it’s inspirative melodies.

Released yesterday, the track is available on streaming services now along with the music video online and ready to watch.

Marcus Osborne reviewed Haytor 2 years ago

One of the things I love the most about this website is getting the chance to revisit an artist you’ve already covered years later. Discovering an artist when they are still finding their feet and getting to witness their music developing right in front of your eyes is such a rewarding feeling when you love music. Haytor are a brilliant example of a band that have used time and experience to hone-in their sound, tidy up the rough edges and decide truly what impact they wanted their music to have. To me, one thing is very clear – they want to get stuck in your head.

Their most recent single; ‘Sirens’, is a beautifully eclectic combination of gentle guitar work that wonderfully compliments the off-set lyrical patterns and vocal melodies commanding the track. The bass & drums maintain the energy and structure throughout, giving the guitars and vocals freedom to add that ‘artistic flare’ which identifies a bands unique sound and makes them really stand out. The song as a whole is insatiably catchy and will grab the attention of any passing listener given the opportunity, which is the most poignant comment I can make on this track. It’s literally been stuck in my head for days.

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed by Haytors improvement and passion that has driven them to creating stronger releases every time. I’ll have to revisit again in the future for sure!

Marcus Osborne reviewed Haytor 3 years ago

So I decided to head down to see Haytor at their show at the Exeter Cavern support Namesake on their UK tour. I’ve known the guys from Haytor for a long time and have played shows with them in previous bands, we’ve been out of touch for a while and they’ve all been studying hard. I was curious to see how much they had all developed so I had little catch up, they took to the stage and next thing I know I’m knee deep in eclectic pop rock – complete with angelic piano licks, crisp guitar tone, solid thumping bass and wide open drums to give it that driving sound Haytor has so elegantly mastered. Once you add Austin’s dynamically diverse vocals the whole band ties together creating one big sound lifting the spirits of every tired soul in the room. It wasn’t the busiest show – but everyone was to engrossed to the core.

Between songs the guys would exchange innocent banter that would add to the inviting atmosphere their music already creates. This is one of the most enjoyable things about their live show as bands within this genre can come across as overconfident so Haytor expertly combat this with constant smiles, lighthearted laughs and crowd interaction throughout the set. Amidst the heart-wrenching lyrics, ambient lead lines and bittersweet melodies, we have a group of lads who just enjoy playing music. You can see it in their faces and that makes everything so much more enjoyable – before they even play a chord.

Each track was incredibly tuneful and catchy, vibrant yet powerful – following in the footsteps of bands like Deaf Havana but with their own, slightly cleaner sound. I could also hear traces of The Gaslight Anthem in some parts which was right up my street – these were the parts where the pounding drums and alt-picked licks really shined, opening up the tracks whilst still maintaining drive, making the tracks sound fucking huge. Each member is locked in with the next which was a huge improvement since I last saw them in their old band 4/5 years ago! Austins vocals hold the entire band together with very little/no backing vocals to support, the stamina and sustainability of his vocal tone has to be commended because it’s put directly in the spotlight with nothing to hide behind. It’s brave – and it works.

All in all I’m really impressed with how far all of these guys have come, they all have the right stage presence, the right attitude and inviting catchy tracks that will get any crowd smiling. I’m looking forward to the next show and hearing their new music in the summer!

You Stay Classy now guys.

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