Alternative, Industrial Metal, Math Rock, Post Rock

Janky, industrial, gloom.

HAAL are a band from Bristol, UK.

Forming together in 2020 through the ever growing Bristol DIY scene, they blend elements of post-rock, math-rock and industrial to create music that sits somewhere in between.

FFO: Slint, Nine Inch Nails, Tool

mgmt: george@haalband.com


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Marcus Osborne reviewed HAAL 10 months ago

Ahh it’s good to be back in the reviewers seat. It’s even better than I’ve managed to stumble across Haal, these twisted Post-rockers from Bristol. Their latest track “Memorial” is a plethora of soundscapes and warped tones, slowly evolving from downtrodden medlodies into hard-hitting dystopic riffs and curdled vocals. A real artistic piece that highlights the bands dynamic ability with no limitations on development.

The first thing that stands put about Haal is how well choreographed their writing is. Bordering on math-rock at times, Haal break the borders between melody and melancholy, achieved by shoegazey tones and that have been carefully placed into the enthralling pace of the track – all ending in a firey ball of raw power. Just how I like it.

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