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fluff is a one man band style punk rock project. It is just me, my rig and a boombox… It’s a glorious arrangement. I started gigging as fluff in 2019 and have really made some noise and left a decent impact on the local punk scene by essentially trying to be the loudest most energetic act possible. I have recently released my debut EP (Barbed Wire Braces) in September with more to come soon!

I started fluff because I wanted to break away from punk band ‘mould’ and to stop being let down by people other than myself. I also loved the seemingly unique idea of having heavy techno drums mashed with a huge guitar sound and general chaos. Thus, fluff was born.

Check out the Bandcamp link, all tracks are up to date and free to download, remix, sample if you like 🙂

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Georgia Byam reviewed fluff 1 hour ago

Fluff certainly packs a punch for a one-man-band. There is so much coordinated energy and chaos, you wouldn’t know that all those relentless sounds come from just one person! He has taken old-school punk and twisted it into something modern and unique. And his boombox just tops off his entire sound and style. Fluff is a local artist who is growing fast, playing regular shows and making a stamp in the local scene. Make sure to go see him live & watch him own the stage!

Jessy Morgan reviewed fluff 9 months ago

One man punk project? Oh BOY, I jumped on this so fast that I ended up light-headed and weak at the knees. After my previous encounter with Hena, my hunger for punk music has been growing relentlessly, and thankfully, the On The House artist page has a lot to feed me.

Tea & Toast, which is displayed on their OTH is the perfect introduction to what Fluff is all about. It’s modern beats with a signature 80’s punk voice sitting on top of it. It’s a wonder how it goes together so well, but it’s nothing short of a vibe. The stand out moment in Tea & Toast for me, is the slow, placid beat that’s followed by a loud snare and groaning that can only be described as the sound of angst. This track is a current stand out in the ongoing list of latest releases – it’s a one-of-a-kind sound that I truly believe is only achievable by Fluff.

FLUFF replied 9 months ago

Hey Jessy! Thankyou so much for the nice review, I’m super glad you’re enjoying my work, I really appreciate it! There will be plenty more where that came from in the upcoming months. 😊

Marcus Osborne reviewed fluff 9 months ago

“Tea & Toast” is Fluffs latest contribution to the South West slack-jawed punk rock music scene, following in the footsteps of bands like IDLES, Heavy Lungs, Bad News First and other notable SW bands in this new evolving category. It’s no doubt that Ollie Andrews takes inspiration from some of the bands above, but his ability to create such a powerful, electronically driven sound with a swift sharpness that cuts through the mix shouldnt be overlooked. It takes a lot of skill for a one man band to understand what every part of a song needs and execture it without too much “fluff” (get it?!), whilst also delivering impactful musicianship that enhances the broken vocals.

Fluff and his plethora of post punk soundscapes have tapped into a growing alternative market that is definitely short of one-man bands at the moment. A really enjoyable listen and I’m keen to hear more!

FLUFF replied 9 months ago

Thanks Marcus! I really appreciate the kind words, should hopefully be a few recording sessions in the upcoming months so more you shall hear 😉 Sit tight.

Hena Larkin reviewed fluff 2 years ago

FLUFF were on my radar from their very first release ‘Pucker’. The mix of aggressive guitar tone and abrasive electronic drums is instantly recognisable, repetitive undeniably English vocals are reminiscent of Slaves & Idles while remaining distinct.
FLUFF’s 2nd release Tea & Toast builds perfectly upon the first, maintaining everything that worked while adding more dynamics and depth. The guitars roar under a mix of spoken and shouted vocals, while lyrics continue to be thought provoking and catchy. FLUFF manage to have more power than many South West punk bands despite being just one man, while still in it’s infancy FLUFF is a project with bags of potential that fits in well with the current UK punk trends while still showing the ability to occupy a unique space.
If you care about UK Punk Rock you HAVE to keep an eye on FLUFF in 2019

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