Fionn Cox-Davies

Devon, London, South West
Acoustic, Alternative Folk, Experimental, Folk, Indie Folk, Modern Folk, Poetry, Singer-Songwriter, Story-Telling

Poetic autobiographies & intricate guitar melodies.

Fionn Cox-Davies is a Devon-based performer with a career that spans 12 years.

His practice bridges many forms including work as a musician, dancer, actor and choreographer.

A published singer songwriter, his work is available on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and all major music platforms. He regularly performs live with recent gigs in London, Devon, Sardinia and Berlin.

Fionn’s music sits in a modern-folk/experimental genre taking inspiration from the likes of Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley and Scot Walker. His songs are poetic autobiographies dealing with a range of topics from death and life to love and beyond, all set to intricate and explorative guitar melodies.

Having started singing as a choir boy, then moving on to musical theatre and Jazz, all the while listening to modern-folk, Fionn has a powerful and unique vocal style. Due partially to his many years of experience, his performance presence is confident and vulnerable as he shares with you his stories in all their colour.

Fionn also works as a key member of renowned theatre company Punchdrunk and devised numerous roles in their acclaimed London show The Drowned Man. He has toured internationally with various highly regarded dance theatre companies, while his film and television work includes roles in The Mummy, Rebecca, His Dark Materials, The Third Day, Brave New World and Game of Thrones.

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Marcus Osborne reviewed Fionn Cox-Davies 8 months ago

“Malcolm”, the debut full-length release by Fionn Cox Davies is a layered musical cake of different textures and styles, ranging from ethereal folk to dramatic acoustic melodies, controlled by a generous amount of dynamic vocals. Fionn utilises stacked vocal tones to bridge the space between the gentle guitars. Earthy and raw, this release dives into a variety of worlds that certainly capture your attention and make for a very intrguiging listen.

“Malcolm” is hand-crafted for late night singalongs with your friends around a campfire whilst everyone is starting to slowly change relams (if you know what I mean). A very emotional release with a buckload of passion poured over the top.

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