Alternative, Hardcore Punk

Loud music for loser kids.

Check out our debut single “I’d Rather Be A Dork” on YouTube!


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Adam Ruane reviewed DORKS 9 months ago

Loud. Like, really fucking loud in your face and to the point, all thriller no filler.

Who needs 4 minute songs filled with bullshit when you can have a 1 minute punch to your ear drums that leaves you wanting to break everything in your path.

Hard-core done completely right in every single way, Dorks have studied the art of hard-core and perfected it, fucking nerds.

The band haven’t really been active enough for my liking with just the one track but hopefully there is an awakening soon, but rest assured the one track out there showcases the bands capabilites perfectly.

My ears are ringing and I feel pumped up.

Nice work, dorks.

Tom Drakett reviewed DORKS 1 year ago

Dorks are a hard-hitting hardcore punk trio. That really is the easiest and most concise way to describe them.

The beauty within the sound of Dorks is that they don’t over-complicate things. Unlike many of their contemporaries, Dorks keep it simple and that makes their songs accessible to punk fans through to hardcore fans. It’s like a “best of” both worlds. Without referring to it as “clichés”, they embrace classic elements and incorporate them into their music which brings a satisfying familiarity.

Songs are short, sharp driven by a bludgeoning powerhouse drummer, suitably gnarly vocals and perfectly synchronised guitar and bass riffs. Live, these songs are delivered in a fast-paced set that leaves you wanting more!

Having been absent from action for a little while, we can only hope that Dorks will re-emerge from hibernation like a ferocious grizzly bear, hungry for a feast and unleash their attack on a stage near you.

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