Alternative, Garage, Punk, Rock, Rock & Roll, Rockabilly

Dirty punk rock and roll

Formed in 2018 Disgraceland are  simpletons who like loud, noisy, fast rock and roll.



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Marcus Osborne reviewed DISGRACELAND 2 years ago

Disgraceland’s debut EP, titled ‘EP#1’, should be everyones go-to record when they are asked ‘what does punk n’ roll sound like?’

Their unique, brash tone is complete with all of the unhinged aggression needed to pull off a genre this abrasive – further captivating listeners by intertwining screaming solos and light-hearted quips. Their melodies are insatiably catchy, but never veer too far away from the intensity of each track which is maintained consistently throughout every riff. Each track thumps along with a knee-snapping energy that will make you bob your head more frantically than the Churchill dog in a demolition derby. A perfect example of how rock n’ roll music can still to this day be re-vamped for the modern punk rock fan.

I’ve also had the absolute pleasure of performing alongside these guys numerous times and they always have the most amazing attitude which resonates through their performance and draws unsuspecting, potential fans in for a closer look every single time. They play every show with the same gusto and passion, which for me, solidifies why I personally think Disgraceland are one of the shiniest hidden gems in the South West music scene.

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