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The punks who call themselves CUFFS will inspire you to take action, question the system around you, and have a damn good time while you do it. With drilling riffs, heavy beats and lyrics fuelled by angst and social frustration. Coming from different parts of the UK (Devon, Cheltenham and Wales), Brodie Morgans (vocals), Lewis Harwood (drums), Will Kenneth (Bass) and Matthew Cook (Guitar), have collaborated their influences to give you the newest sound in the UK punk scene.

Throughout 2019 and before the first lockdown CUFFS spent their time relentlessly gigging. Honing their craft and building a strong reputation as a chaotic live band. Although the current pandemic has put this on hold as venues close their doors the band have been busy creating music. Recently they put out the explosive yet poignent single ‘You Make Me Sick’. This track had thousands of streams through Spotify and the
music video hit 4k views in the first week.

Previous Press Praise
‘Channelling something of a sharp-edged, modernised and youthful 90’s hardcore outfit, with one hell of a stiff upper-lip and the attitude to boot…just how punk rock should be.’- On the House
‘CUFFS have harnessed the frantic punk energy of Black Flag with the modern poignancy of modern punk. It’s a powerful combination that creates an intoxicating sound.’ – CLUNK Magazine
‘Raucous, Ruthless & holding a discography as infectious as their live performances, it’s time everybody musically inclined was introduced to Cuffs’- MOB Promo
‘These guys are definitely miffed off, and I’d say stick around if you want to hear their current opinion on Great Britain right now- ‘RGM Magazine

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Jessy Morgan reviewed CUFFS 7 months ago

Cuffs – Factory Sessions EP Review

The Factory Sessions EP by Cuffs is an incredible display of modern punk in its most raw form. It’s rough around the edges, at times a little mismatched but high in energy and attitude. Get Up Get On introduces you to the next 27 minutes with a sharp kick that continues into To The Bone. Their distinguishing sound turns oddly charming in their second track with their unique melodic chorus. The implementation of discordant vocals ties the overall sound of Cuffs together.
The disgruntled sound that Cuffs have displayed so far drops off a bit in Witch Nails, feeling like a more melodic track from the get go. It has a different kind of feel, softer tones that has a reservation of energy – or so it seems. But it doesn’t last long as Cash Cow continues on with the combative punk tone that’s heard at the start. Factory Sessions is a raw display of what Cuffs are capable of, and feels like a developmental project as you go through each track. From Cash Cow onwards, you have the variance of their aggressive attitudes atop energetic instrumentals while executing a Cuffs-style melody.
Being my first experience of Cuffs, I get the small-town band vibes that fit perfectly in the hardcore-punk scene. Put them in a dive bar, sprinkle some battered plastic beer cups on the floor and add some oversized vests and crew socks and you’ve got yourself a pure, underground punk show. The lasts two tracks of Factory Sessions only supports that vision more, but ending the EP with Scandals and Vandals, the music seems to feel more polished than what we began with. Cuffs have a very uncommon sound that’s a welcome difference.
In all, Factory Sessions by Cuffs is a staple and brilliant showcase of what is on offer in the UK punk scene.

Marcus Osborne reviewed CUFFS 10 months ago

It’s been almost a year since I last reviewed Cuffs on the old website, and what a year its been!

Amongst the rubble of 2020 came a stonking new track from the Bristol heavy-hitters, a track titled “Get Up Get On” that instills a fighting spirit into the listener. Starting with heart pounding drums that flow into firery riffs, this new endeavour sees the band take a more lyric-focussed melodic approach with downscale riffs and a pounding rhythms – all ending in a blaze of glory that grinds to an instant halt. A strong release that embodies the old school intensity of punk rock.

Tom Coles reviewed CUFFS 1 year ago

There is so much to be angry about in 2020. In the drama of the year, the alt scenes have come together to campaign for social causes at the same time as ripping up the floorboards to tackle internal strife. Here, Cuffs address scene predators with the fury that’s quickly becoming their established style.

Sonically the track is bass-heavy, bringing to mind post-punk’s focus on the low end but with far more bile. Elsewhere the focus is on the vocals, which travel a seemingly-disjointed path, snapping and snarling as the wild centerpiece of the track.

Cuffs are angry young men – livid, in fact – and so it’s interesting to see there’s a clear architecture here, a sly songwriting sensibility buried cleverly under the chaotic vocal placement, most evident in the repeated hook of “you make me sick.” These wise decisions reap great rewards as the track continues, the energy peaking on the ferocious chorus. The passion here is clear, every sinew of the track strained to maximum; Cuffs sound, as they should, authentically incensed.

Cuffs’s latest cut is timely, dramatic, and appropriately volatile; the soundtrack to scouring a scene of it’s most objectionable denizens.

Marcus Osborne reviewed CUFFS 1 year ago

Channelling something of a sharp-edged, modernised and youthful 90’s hardcore outfit, with one hell of a stiff upper-lip and the attitude to boot, Cuffs latest single ‘Scandals And Vandals’ is a cathartic release of political aggression – just how punk rock should be. 

Distilled and syphoned through the voices and minds of the generation taking the full brunt of todays crippling societal issues, these boys are fucking pissed. One of the main reasons I’ve always loved angry music, much in the same way I like sad music, is because you can’t fake those emotions. Well you can, but it’s pretty obvious when someone doesn’t mean what they are saying. You can hear REAL anger, you can hear REAL sadness. ‘Scandals And Vandals’ is a direct reflection of the struggles of a young adult in 2020 using gusto and poise, an in-your-face, abrasive sound that leaves no prisoners to hook, line and sinker.

The main guitar lick is absolutely gorgeous and as a huge fan of enthralling riffs that make you want to punch a random stranger, alongside being a socio-political individual with some aggressive opinions – this track slots right into my ‘starting a revolution’ playlist very, very nicely. If you want some ‘proper’ local hardcore, written by people who are behind every single word they breathe, then you don’t need to search anymore. Get angry, get to show, witness the chaos. That’s an order.

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