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Slick Punk n Roll - Alright guys this is a blues riff in Hardcore, watch me for the changes and try keep up ok?

Punk n Roll from the south West of England. Starting in 2013 The Crooked Little Sons have toured the UK numerous times with multiple festival appearance’s and have started taking thief first steps out into Europe over the least few years. The band are known for there chaotic and intense shows all while dressed to the 9’s and oozing charisma.

he band have worked with Easy Action Records, Blank TV, BBC introducing over the years and are currently working on their debut album.

“You need to listen to their entire back catalogue. You need to go and see them live. If they’re not playing near you, you need to find a venue, hire it and book them. You need to tell everyone about this band.” – Shout Louder

“Anyone in the mood for a shot in the arm of thrashy punk that sounds like a hybrid of The Bronx, Motörhead, and The Hives? Well, good — because that’s what we have for you today!” –



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AbesApes reviewed CROOKED LITTLE SONS 4 months ago

Just found your music and let me say, you guys sound amazing. Y’all got the Apes in a 2 person mosh pit in the kitchen. \m/

Henri Herbert reviewed CROOKED LITTLE SONS 8 months ago

“Live And Loud At The Junction”

What is rock n roll? In my experience, there’s two ways that contemporary bands answer this question. Either they superficially try to replicate a sound from the past, or they take the spirit of the pioneers Presley, Lewis, Berry, Penniman, Domino etc and twist the spirits into something new. This, I am happy to say, is the direction taken by Crooked Little Sons in this absolute banger of a live album, in which the dancing demons of Elvis, Jerry Lee, Chuck and Richard are blasted through a punk rock prism right into the present.

I haven’t yet seen the band live, but if this live album is a true record of their live show then it must be something special to behold right down to the uber-cool almost-no-space-betwen-numbers – a classic stage device used by everyone from Jerry Lee to The Ramones. It all rages by fast and the band diplays incredible tightness. It’s all tastily engineered by Rich Robinson…More please!

Ollie Stygall reviewed CROOKED LITTLE SONS 9 months ago

Live And Loud At The Junction

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 70 years since rock and roll first emerged from the blues and starting messing with kids’ hormones. It’s been through many twists and turns in that time but Crooked Little Sons take the essence of the early masters like Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis, filter it through some punk rock energy and spray it at you like a porno actor on his first scene of the day!

Rock and roll is live music, CLS are a live band and, if you’d seen them at the gig that comprises this live album you’d have seen them at their peak. They play every trick in the book like their lives depend on it…the sharp suits, the banter, the carefully rehearsed segues and bringing the audience into the fun. It all happens with barely pause for breath. When you’re in the room it’s easy to get swept up in the spectacle and adrenaline and forget that this is a band that are slightly tighter than a gnat’s chuff (I know, I’ve tried). This live album shows that CLS are much more than the bare faced bravado of their live show, they are a killer, tight rock and roll band with great tunes.

This live album is a rare beast…it sounds incredible thanks to Rich Robinson’s engineering, and it captures the vibrancy and power and spirit of a killer band doing what they do best.

Emily Lockey reviewed CROOKED LITTLE SONS 1 year ago

Crooked Little Sons – Live & Loud at the Junction Album Review

The Exeter boys make you vigorously crave live music again with ‘Crooked Little Sons – Live & Loud at the Junction’. This album is a recording of the full set at the Crooked Little Sons ‘Snake’ Release show on 30th August 2019 in Plymouth, UK; it was then released in this album form on 22nd May 2020.

This has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Rich Robinson; and he has done a fantastic job. -There are live albums out there in which the sound quality is muffled, tinny and over-driven; however the purity of the sound is unblemished – listening to this album catapults you into the heart of a great local punk show.
The album begins with some background feedback and distortion; this fills the room and sets the scene for an intimate gig atmosphere. The intro is a great touch, it is a memory of a sound-check and encourages complete submersion. An atmosphere builds, like the calm before the storm; a slow drum beat. You are able to feel the excitement of the audience build.-

And then it hits you like a wave – the unruly high energy of a band that are unapologetically strong minded, doing exactly what they want and love. ‘Snake’ is a punks’ ‘fuck you’ at someone or society. This is old school sweaty punk rock – it has worked all these years and it works now – they have the passion, the attitude and the drive to captivate the audience and include them in this rollercoaster of a ride they have created. The vocalist’s performance style radiates confidence and really completes the high energy feeling of the band. It makes you want to go to one of their shows. ‘Fick’ has a lyrical hook in which the audience can join in and connect with the passion and angst; they are then able to flood themselves in the fast paced, high energy riffs throughout these first songs.

‘Coolest Copy Cat’ showcases rhythmic, distorted, shouting vocals in-between a strong, fast drum beat and distorted fast paced guitar parts. -This is an affective pattern to push through the anger and the intensity of emotions to transmit this to the audience – like a message needs to be heard.

‘Heavy Sunday’ keeps the audience participation at the forefront, it starts with a sing-along part, then blends into a melodic use of toms and a fun guitar and bass riffs. The crowd is clearly enjoying every second of this, a great tune to move to.
The room fills with distortion, and ‘Rats’ is introduced – ‘For all the rock and rollers out there!’ The fast-paced punk atmosphere remains; however this is combined with a bass groove that carries the song and adds a new spice of old school rock and roll substance. This track demonstrates that the band is able to experiment with their sound and take influence from a number of resources outside the world of punk rock.
The low bass blends well into the next song in the set, ‘Morning After’ – the sound becomes more rocky and the bass continues to cut through, providing a funky riff accompanied by the distorted guitar part.

The band takes an intermission and front man uses this to address the audience, keeping all who are there continually engaged, and regaining his stamina. Some calm washes over, then the an ambush of high energy races back – ‘Noosepaper’ and ‘Something To Say’ is a whirlwind of punk vigour that inspires fight into the soul. These tracks declare a message about the issues around the media and the negative influence this can have over peoples’ lives.

The album finishes with an introduction to a final track ‘Thick as Thieves’ – however the album then abruptly ends. – Not sure what has happened here – whether this was intentional or not, but it is rather frustrating that the album leaves you on somewhat of a cliff-hanger with no resolution to conclude the album as a whole.

Nevertheless, it is very clear from listening to this Crooked Little Sons album, that this is a band that you need to see live to gain the full experience of the tremendous, unstoppable punk rock rampage. Huge credit to the front man for his pure energy and passion when performing and allowing the audience to consider the messages in the passionate lyrics he conveys.

Laurence Crow reviewed CROOKED LITTLE SONS 1 year ago

You only need to check out their Live & Loud live album from earlier this year to hear just how manic this band’s shows are. With roaring guitars, Crooked Little Sons perfectly combine punk energy with rock n roll riffs, to create something entirely fresh and new, yet still seemingly classic sounding. They’ve had alot of coverage from big places over the years and for good reason. Check them out at Attitude Fest 2021!

Adam Ruane reviewed CROOKED LITTLE SONS 2 years ago

Crooked Little Sons are the embodiment of UK punk rock, with an energetic, hard hitting, grab you by the throat vibe around them. They will draw you in and keep a hold of you from the first riff. A modern powerhouse on the UK circuit.

Claire Hill reviewed CROOKED LITTLE SONS 3 years ago

Crooked Little Sons are the ultimate punk ‘n’ rollers. Their recorded material makes you sit up and take notice (I particularly recommend ‘Thick As Thieves’, ‘Noose Paper’ and ‘Fick’), but their live shows really grab you by the throat! The four band members really know how to deliver their hard-hitting brand of garage to the audience for maximum impact. Each member is an accomplished musician who has honed his craft – frontman Josh Bessant is charismatic, confident and truly entertaining, with a fantastic vocal that’s a seamless blend of crisp and assertive; Marcus Osborne is a highly skilled guitarist, throwing out deftly-produced licks with aplomb , and has great vocal ability too; Larry Collinson-Brown powers the driving, chuggy bass that underpins the Crooked Little Sons backbone, along with the driving force of Lee Lane’s powerhouse, hypnotic drumming – they’re a rhythm section force to be reckoned with. They put on an amazing show and have the crowd baying for more. If they’re playing near you, go and check them out! If not, check out their music!

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