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buoy began in 2014 as an experimental art music project, blending various styles & genres. Generally electronic & heavily synth based but also using instruments & other sound recordings, other styles include – ambient, avantgarde, lofi, hip hop, trap…

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Marcus Osborne reviewed buoy 1 month ago

“From Venus With Love”, the latest release by Buoy is a trippy stroll back from the nightclub at 5am after a heavy night out and some questionable chemicals in your system. It’s the kind of release you’d only really appreciate when really taking it in from all angles and allowing yourself to be consumed by the off-kilter tones and melodies. It’s comfortably uncomfortable.

There’s a real art form hidden away in this style of electronic music and avant-garde inspired soundscapes. There’s a very fine line between making the tracks overcomplicated and unintelligible whilst also providing enough variation to keep the listener entertained. It’s even more impressive when you are blending positive sounding melodies with harsh and destructive effects to make your listener squirm a bit, one wrong move could push them away – one right move could keep them listening right until the end.

Lucky for me, Buoy made the right moves. “From Venus With Love” is a really intricate record masquerading as a simple electronic record that has caught my attention on both an artistic scale as well as a musical one. Great work!

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