Post Hardcore, Punk

Bluebirds are a light-hearted, slightly tongue-in-cheek hardcore punk/grunge band from Exeter and have recorded and released The Money Shot EP and 3P EP during the current Covid-19 lockdown.

Tom has played in various bands including Spitting Blood, Peacock Affect, and more recently Dagobah. Chris is the lead singer of popular local rock band Concrete Donkey. Heavily influenced by bands such as the Melvins, Helmet, Faith No More, and Nirvana, Bluebirds plan to bring their first-ever live show to Exeter and Devon as soon as the venues are open again.



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Jessy Morgan reviewed BLUEBIRDS 5 months ago

Have you ever experienced a song title being, quite literally, the perfect name and description for a song.

My first listen to BLUEBIRDS and I am thrown into an actual Clusterfuck. With its title accurately depicting the notion of the track, BLUEBIRDS have unrelenting energy. It’s chaotic and loud and, well, brilliant. They’ve put together tracks that warp boundaries between rock, hardcore AND punk. They’re driven, political and straight up combative in their tone. And it’s no surprise that the compilation of songs on their lockdown EP, 3P is full of anarchy – imagine having the energy to play in a hardcore punk band but being locked up for months!

The distortion gives the tracks that gritty edge, especially in ‘Three Pints’ where it feels dark and cagey until about three quarters of the way through and explodes. If there’s one thing to say about BLUEBIRDS, it’s that they know how to make a crescendo feel like a wall of death. The bio may read “light-hearted” but I’d be damned if I go to a BLUEBIRDS show and not get roundhouse kicked in the skull.

Marcus Osborne reviewed BLUEBIRDS 1 year ago

For fans of twisted, bass-drum heavy punk rock, sprinkled lightly with hardcore elements with a face-smashing Motorhead vibe to the rhythm section – this is for you.

This is pure post-punk social commentary manifested into a bedroom record of fuzzy aggression, with very strangely warped vocals to further the unruly energy of Bluebirds distain-driven sound. 

After a bucket full of soundscapes, some tongue-in-cheek lyrics and song structures that leave no room to breathe, I’ve just finished Bluebirds latest release “The Money Shot” EP with an unrelenting urge to listen to it again. This is an incredibly intriguing and intense record that will catch your attention in so many different ways. The gurgling soundbites during title track “Money Shot” is a perfect example of how Bluebirds capably combine outside elements to elevate their already unique brand of rhythm-heavy fuzz punk into something almost unnatural. A cathartic release, to say the least. I’ll be keeping my ear to the ground, that’s for sure.

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