Blowing My Own Trumpet


World music folk fusion

Blowing My Own Trumpet features the original songwriting of South African trumpeter Claude Lamon and his daughter Josephine Lamon formed at the end of 2018 . We released our debut album “Umsindo” in October 2020 the end of 2020 . A unique world music folk fusion style . In September 2021 we released our new single “Shes a black snake in my grass “ . Previous releases included our EP “Dreams” and single “Calling Me Home”

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Marcus Osborne reviewed Blowing My Own Trumpet 1 month ago

A huge thank you to Blowing My Own Trumpet for bringing some much-needed cultural influence to our little website. Here we have a band that thrives in diversity and influence from the world around us, creating this warming and homely sound that is guaranteed to make you smile no matter your preference.

There’s almost a poetic influence to how BMOT write their music, picking up on medieval melodies and old english songwriting practices and blending them with various modern instrumentation. Each lyrics tell a story – and the music paints the picture.

I could see Blowing My Own Trumpet going down a storm at festivals, family & community events with a diverse audience.

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