Blind Tendril

Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock

Blind Tendril were created in Thessaloniki (Greece), in 2006. The band gigged regularly on a local level, supporting bands such as Nightstalker, Planet of Zeus and 1000mods. During this period a 2-song demo was recorded and distributed for free. In 2009 the band went on hiatus. Many things have changed since then – places and people – and Blind Tendril resurfaced in 2020 in Devon.

The band has found its groove in a progressive heavy rock sound and we filter our socio-political angst through this, whilst continuing to evolve.

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Marcus Osborne reviewed Blind Tendril 6 days ago

Blind Tendril are seasoned veterans of the psych-metal scene and their recent album titled “α” is a true homage to that statement. Everything about this release feels professional and honed-in, flowing endlessly into one another to create a droning intensity that powers this absolute mammoth of an album.

The vocals are perfectly suited for the style of music, slightly dramatic and clear-toned with a dark edge that compliments the experimental use of soundscapes, as well as providing some stability to the bone-crushingly riff-heavy sections. Elements of Eastern traditional music and European metal influences shine through various parts of the release, with the band’s signature broad and echoing sound that would be at home on any popular metal festival. The most enticing part about Blind Tendril is the fact that none of it seems ‘forced’, this album feels natural – like they were born to do this.

There are so many well-written moments in this album and beautifully choreographed dynamics that I could sit here all day and tell you about them. But you’ll only ever get the full picture by setting aside the best part of an hour and checking out “α” in it’s entirety. A cracking release that even a sweaty dumb punk rocker like me can appreciate, I’d love to get this lot on a show sometime soon!

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