Belle Royals

Bristol, Newcastle
Alternative Rock, Experimental, Indie, Noise Rock, Post Punk

Bristol/Newcastle based noiserock, post-punk outfit

Bristol/Newcastle based noiserock/post-punk outfit, self-styled 9wave explorers and Tyneside tea enthusiasts.

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Marcus Osborne reviewed Belle Royals 5 months ago

What the hell is going on?! Who put this melody in my noiserock? Who put the punk in the microwave?

Belle Royals are almost uncomfortable to listen to, but in the best way possible. Most artists would take this would be a insult, but the purpose of noiserock is in the name – it’s simple, pure and is one of the rawest forms of musical expression when done right. Belle Royals have delivered a sound that is on the cusp of indistinguishable, densely packed with harsh-toned throat heavy vocals and high gain riffs that squeal more than a pig in heat. It’s a lot to handle and probably too much for most people, but for those with a taste for chaos – you’re in for a treat.

It’s an assault on the senses driven by artistic expression left untampered. Come and take a swing if you’re brave enough.

Jessy Morgan reviewed Belle Royals 6 months ago

Think of the term noise rock. What do you imagine? It’s probably the sound of Belle Royals. Over on their BandCamp, Newcastle and Bristol combination band have what can only be described as the sounds of chaos. There’s so many things going on that it’s hard to pin point exactly what stands out, and I’m all honesty, it’s hard to tell if it’s trash or a masterpiece. Hear me out, I started listening to Belle Royals a few days ago to get the vibe of them and I was slightly taken aback, but enjoyed it. See, I’m a big fan of Aphex Twin and the experimentation of music so I really did vibe with it. I appreciated the different sounds that come together in an unusual way. The next day, after a busy work day it was like having a BB gun shot directly into my ear drum.
Despite my various opinions on different days, I think Belle Royals ability and ruthlessness when it comes to their music will appeal to a very loyal fan base. Not only that, but their capability to experiment and make the most out of each sound will see them push the boat further out than most in an exciting voyage to find their foundation.

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