Bag That Weasel

Alternative Rock

Energetic Raw Heavy Rock

Bag That Weasel are a hard hitting energetic alternative rock band based in Exeter.

Creating a raw sound with driving original material written straight from the heart, not pulling any punches while keeping their tongues firmly pushed in their cheeks. Heavy guitar riffs and infectious rhythm held together with a thunderous female vocal full of passion and honesty.



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Jessy Morgan reviewed Bag That Weasel 5 months ago

There is absolutely no way I can scroll past the name ‘Bag That Weasel’ and not at least check them out. Self proclaimed hard hitting and energetic alternative rock band, what Bag That Weasel have on offer is energetic and then some.

Releasing the 3 track compilation earlier this year in April, there’s enough to get a taste of the band and short enough to get excited and the prospect of more material.

Modern day Brody Dale? Perhaps. The vocals do feel like they get slightly drowned out by the distortion, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It places an emphasis on the terse guitar riffs reminiscent of mid 90’s alternative punk. The overall production feels gritty which only confirms the raw musical material that’s been put out – in a world of clear cut instruments and over produced effects, leading track Groundhog Day gives that all important reminder that music is about passion, energy and talent before the editing and mixing.

Lonely Blues takes the spotlight in my opinion – it has that instrumental, arithmetic rhythm that really drives the mysterious tone. The vocalist is clear and truly shines with a unique voice that’s entirely her own. Did I mention Brody Dale? Move over, we got a new punk in town. Finishing the compilation with Don’t Tell Me, Bag That Weasel hold that rhythm, opening into a melodic rock bridge and chorus. The transitioning is perfect and calculated, proving that the future of Bag That Weasel has a lot of potential and an exciting career ahead of them.

Bag That Weasel replied 5 months ago

Thank you for taking the time to check us out and listen to our music, we are are buzzing with kind review you have given us. If you would like any more information about us about up and coming shows or future releases contact us using our Facebook page.

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