Bad Actress

Glam Metal, Hard Rock

Energetic, passionate, fun.

Pumping out riffs inspired by the likes of AC/DC, Mӧtley Crϋe, Van Halen, Ratt and Aerosmith, Bad Actress is a hard-hitting blues infused rock band, with a dose of eighties glam.

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Josh Bessant reviewed Bad Actress 3 months ago

The fact that 5 young lads who look like they are living on the sunset strip in the early 80s found each other seems about right. I mean c’mon, Scotland isn’t known for its Glam Rock scene. But Bad Actress aren’t just a throwback. They are bringing the hair metal madness to the masses from the most northern part of Britain.

“Poison Snake” was the first offering I heard from this band and man it’s the good stuff. Strong opening, dirty deep tones, shredding, pinch harmonics, high pitch screams and a driving ZZ top riff. They pulled out every (welcomed) cliché right off the bat. I’m not knocking it when I say that, it’s more like a medley of everything you know and love from this era of music. But where do you go from there…?

Thankfully, “Skin Tight” has enough difference going on while still incorporating all those familiar sounds. This track is a mad glam throw back. Motley Crüe, Aerosmith, Deaf Leopard and pretty much every other tights wearing, hairspray ingesting, sass strutting band right up to Steel Panther would approve.

Now listening to “Red Hot” (the band’s latest single) and I’m a sucker for that Avenged Sevenfold-Esq, reverb heavy intro lick. It doesn’t just set up the song but also sets up the whole EP and 5 seconds is all you get to catch your breath before jumping right in. It’s a tie for me on this or “Poison Snake” for favourite song.

Both “Hellbound” and “No Vacancies in Hell” keep up with the pace of the previous 3 tracks but at this point I would have one small criticism. Well, not a criticism but more a thought…

This band obviously take huge influence from one specific sub genre of rock n roll/heavy metal and they make no secret of it. In fact their Facebook even says ‘bringing back the glory days’ so as well as playing those killer riffs, screeching solos and pouring the sugar on you like only hair metal can… why not try re-imagine some of that sound actually coming from a group of Scottish lads? The sunset strip gave birth to one of the most iconic and vibrant eras of heavy metal, so what could, let’s say; the Aberdeen Harbour Board give birth to with an influence of that same sound??? Less sunny maybe?

Ok, ok, bad analogy but you get the point. I guess we will find out in releases to come and I look forward to it. Glam is often something that’s criticised for being too ‘gimmicky’ but Bad Actress have enough tasty, guitar driven (head) bangers to accommodate.

Getton lads – Go check out the bands new EP ‘Red Hot’ out July 30th.

badactressband replied 2 months ago

Thanks you so much josh! some extremely kind words. really appreciate it🤟😁

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