Alt Rock

Passionate, Profound, Hard Working Independant Alt Rock band

Life long project of frontman Iain Jamieson,
Audiokicks have survived in various forms through highs and lows with countless gigs and well received releases.
A stalwart of their local Aberdeen scene the 4-piece are prolific with writing and touring.
Making use of every small opportunity in 2020 recording with esteemed producer Mark Morrow resulting in the new single “Grow” released 6/3 

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Marcus Osborne reviewed Audiokicks 7 months ago

Audiokicks latest offering “Grow” is nothing short of a well-written, expertly performed modern soft rock ballad with all the twinkly trimmings needed for a successful pop track.

Ability isn’t a question here, the entire band are clearly professionally trained to some degree and if they aren’t, then they have fooled me. The vocals are like butter, the lyrics are metaphorical yet on-the-sleeve, making this track desirable to multiple levels of pop listeners. Instrumentally, the accents and overall dynamic control carries this track and allows the vocal to shine so perfectly. This song is dripping with professionalism.

“Grow” was made to be played at full volume to a packed out stadium, the crowd with lighters in their hands and singing back in unison. This is one of those songs. With the right attention, I truly believe Audiokicks could make this happen. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for them!

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