Devon, Exeter, Gloucestershire

4 Piece Metal band from the South West

“Perception” out now

Athelas are:

Zakk Toms: Vocals
Rich Earle: Bass, Vocals
Rach Adamson: Drums
Zeke Furness: Guitar



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Jessy Morgan reviewed ATHELAS 10 months ago

From spinning ‘Perception,’ it’s clear that Athelas doesn’t do things by the norm. There’s quite a unique sound to their music that gives them their distinguished, heavy sound. Growing up around the time where metalcore really started to find its feet, Athelas have continued to create that fine tuned noise that we all enjoyed those years ago, yet developing it with more depth. ‘Perception’ is really enthralling, featuring a deep bass and thunderous drums tied together by low false chord screams and clean compelling vocals.
It seems as though South West quartet started their career with clear visioning, as their 2018 track ‘Degrow’ on Spotify is equally as gripping using the same established sound we can hear in ‘Perception.’ Their flair for metal song writing is obvious and cannot be denied with the three tracks that are currently available.

For metal fans, Athelas is an exciting band to follow that show real potential in their already strong career.

Marcus Osborne reviewed ATHELAS 11 months ago

I’ve just given “Perception” a spin and instantly I’ve been transported back to early 2000s Scuzz and Kerrang, with all the beautifully grizzly trimmings. Athelas’ latest offering toys around with a considerably beefy low end and a range of gut and throat screams, growls and even some clean chorus vocals to top it all off.

An eclectic mix of metalcore riffs and blasting drum patterns with a strong sense of melody and dynamics. A heavy contender for any sharp-toned metal fans out there!

Athelas replied 10 months ago

Thanks for the review Marcus! 👊

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