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As a Singer/Songwriter, Archie Ray is influenced by artists who never stick to one style. John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran and Foy Vance come to mind when Archie goes from Folk to Blues to Soul to straight, catchy Pop bangers. With lots of Original material to give, Archie Ray wants to catch your ear and hopes you stay a while.

Archie Ray at times, comes with a band to bring these songs new colour, life and energy for you to enjoy. Join Archie Ray and the Flutterbies in creating a musical atmosphere full of fun, honest and positive moments.

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Marcus Osborne reviewed Archie Ray 1 month ago

After checking out the handful of tracks that Archie Ray has on his Spotify, it’s clear to see that he’s a talented chap with a very bright future ahead of him. Some tracks feature beautifully written, soulful melodies controlled Archies tone and delivery – followed by downtempo, heartfelt pop ballads that could quite easily top the charts with the right industry attention.

Musically and lyrically mature, Archie writes songs that are relatable and innocent without squandering impact or artistry, keeping their bones pretty simple and developing on the space in-between with added instrumentation and powerful vocals to really create a full-bodied sound. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every single second of listening.

Move over Ed Sheeran, Archie is coming for you.

ArchieRayMusic replied 1 month ago

Absolutely made my day, thank you very much!
Keep an eye out x

– Archie Ray

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