Abrasive Trees

Post Punk, Post Rock, Psychedelic Rock

'Stunning’ (BBC Intro)/‘atmospheric’ (Post-Punk)/‘evocative’ (Aural Aggravation)

Abrasive Trees have been described as ’stunning’ (BBC Introducing), ‘atmospheric’ (Post-Punk.com) and ‘perfectly evocative’ (Aural Aggravation). Their musical creations display a willingness to experiment alongside a sound that sits loosely within the post-punk aesthetic with definite influences from post-rock, folk and psychedelic-rock. More accurately though they are the expressions of an inner world that is at times intense, but ultimately hopeful. Their music connects with themes of the spiritual, the fragility of our psyche, attempts to convey what is ultimately inexpressible – all delivered with irresistible riffs and a powerful mix of distorted cello, entwined guitars and distant drums.


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Jessy Morgan reviewed Abrasive Trees 1 month ago

I’m a sucker for any artist that falls under the psychedelic rock category, so when Abrasive Trees came up like a blip on my radar, my fingers were like a homing missile to their Spotify profile. Their most recent release, ‘…Now You Are Not Here’ from July 2021, certainly didn’t let me down. With an echo on clean guitar lines and a sprinkle of chanting backing vocals, Abrasive Trees offer a unique experience within their sound. Nostalgic of late 70’s psychedelic rock legends Pink Floyd, the production and mastering of their tracks are absolutely flawless.
The three songs compiled onto the ‘…Now You Are Not Here’ feel like it’s own story. It’s a must for your first listen to be in full of the three tracks in my opinion. It’s got apocalyptic energy, comparative to War Of The Worlds. It truly does feel extra terrestrial, and when you close your eyes and allow yourself to be fully immersed, it triggers stimulating surround sound. Both ‘Ashram Song’ and ‘Before’ are phenomenal instrumentals, allowing the music to speak louder than any lyrics could.
What’s special about Abrasive Trees in the three tracks I chose to listen to for my first experience, is their confidence in their instruments. Their knowledge that, in this particular case, has the strongest voice beyond reasonable doubt, and not once during the compilation did they overstep that mark.
This is definitely not the end of my Abrasive Trees experience, however I’m not ready to give up ‘…Now You Are Not Here’ just yet.

AbesApes reviewed Abrasive Trees 2 months ago

Just stumbled across these guys and let me say, they don’t disappoint. Love the arrangements, the themes of the songs, the whole thing has a nostalgic yet unique and original vibe to it.

Well done guys, The Apes loveeeedd ittt!!

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