Abe’s Apes

Alternative Hip Hop, Alternative Rock, Electronic, Hip Hop, Pop Punk

ADHD driven song structures, anxious changes and melodic madness. Alt/Rock and Ape Hop (let us explain, Hip Hop inspired music but... a bit bananas).

Abes Apes is an Alt/Rock and Ape Hop (let us explain, Hip Hop inspired music but… a bit bananas) band based in Plymouth, Uk.

A play on the dualism of being created and evolving, “Abraham’s Apes” showcases the possibilities for the next steps on the Ape evolutionary ladder…

“Could we become Elves? Who knows, the future is as random as we are.”

Started out in Lisbon back in 2009 as a HipHop/Jazz band the Apes evolved and faced each album as a concept, traveling from urban fusions to Celtic folk all because of a dare in a Pub.

In the beginning of 2020 (we know great timing) Ali joined the Apes and together with Sam they created what is now known as Ape Hop, a nonlinear fusion of early 2000’s influences, intense mood swings and rapid punch lyrics that focus not only on our surroundings but also the depths of our Ape self.

It’s no exaggeration to say Abe’s Apes have broken boundaries with their unique sound (ok, chill out rockstar). Whether you’ve been to one of the many live performances or you’ve heard one of their irreverent albums, you’ll see why they’re renowned for their performance capabilities and musical versatility…  There’s plenty of crazy for everyone.

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