Abe’s Apes

Alternative Hip Hop, Alternative Rock, Electronic, Hip Hop, Pop Punk

ADHD driven song structures, anxious changes and melodic madness. Alt/Rock and Ape Hop (let us explain, Hip Hop inspired music but... a bit bananas).

Abes Apes is an Alt/Rock and Ape Hop (let us explain, Hip Hop inspired music but… a bit bananas) band based in Plymouth, Uk.

A play on the dualism of being created and evolving, “Abraham’s Apes” showcases the possibilities for the next steps on the Ape evolutionary ladder…

“Could we become Elves? Who knows, the future is as random as we are.”

Started out in Lisbon back in 2009 as a HipHop/Jazz band the Apes evolved and faced each album as a concept, traveling from urban fusions to Celtic folk all because of a dare in a Pub.

In the beginning of 2020 (we know great timing) Ali joined the Apes and together with Sam they created what is now known as Ape Hop, a nonlinear fusion of early 2000’s influences, intense mood swings and rapid punch lyrics that focus not only on our surroundings but also the depths of our Ape self.

It’s no exaggeration to say Abe’s Apes have broken boundaries with their unique sound (ok, chill out rockstar). Whether you’ve been to one of the many live performances or you’ve heard one of their irreverent albums, you’ll see why they’re renowned for their performance capabilities and musical versatility…  There’s plenty of crazy for everyone.

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Georgia Byam reviewed Abe’s Apes 3 months ago

An instant smile stretched across my face when I first listened to these guys. What a refreshing yet familiar mix of music. Abe’s Apes are predominantly a hip-hop band, but in some songs, I can hear so many different genres, tones and styles that I wouldn’t normally put together but… I fucking love it!

King of the Bongo is a song I’m going to start listening to when I get ready for a night out. There is a mixture of world genres, I get hip-hop, afrobeat, reggae – all genres I regularly listen to. Listening to this song really gave me energy and positive vibes!

The fact that the music produced by these guys comes from a duo is crazy. I look forward to seeing Abe’s Apes live!

AbesApes replied 2 months ago

Thank you so much for your kind words. Wow, made 2 very happy Apes

Josh Bessant reviewed Abe’s Apes 3 months ago

My first introduction to the band was ‘king of the bongo’ and I would say it’s a perfect track to introduce this band. On first listen I couldn’t help but screw up my face slightly as musically is just wasn’t for me. But on a second listen I must say it’s impressive that the Apes manage to fuse salsa groves, samba rhythms, trumpets, hip hop verses and a catchy hook all while maintaining a classically structured song, clocking in at just over 4 minutes. It’s for sure grown on me However, the song I was drawn to from the get go was a ‘HeartBurn’
This song features Joshua Lloyd and describes its subject mater simply as ‘when the heart burns, something must be done to extinguish it’
This track opens with a somber lone guitar and a seasoning of high pitch bleeps and bloops that could find themselves better lend to 2001: a space odessy. The lost in space esq opening would lend itself well.
However that only lasts a little more than 10 seconds before the soul-hop of the verse kicks in, and soul hop is cool…. this song has 3 separate styles of vocals within the first 2 minutes, each turning the melody down slightly, the aggression up a touch, and the emotion at a constant. ‘You keep up with the tempo of my heart’ indeed and I’d say this was a strong choice for a single.
Last track I listened to I wanted to chose something at random so based on the title alone I picked ‘I killed the king’ (runner up was ‘Bitch I’m Beautiful’)
This song starts with a positive and chilled grove/riff that lends itself to the almost aggressive lyrical stylings of the songs protagonist. The hook for this song almost leaves you feeling lost. It’s a wide open piece that has you eerily feeling like your stood in a desert waiting on the next mirage to run to.
3 songs into this band and I’m starting to get what they mean when they say ‘ADHD driven song’s structures, anxious changes and melodic madness’ you don’t quite know what’s coming next musically. Which is of course never a bad thing. And I think is Ape-Hop has its own wave of creativity thrust upon musicians, I’m glad Abes Apes are here to lead the charge

P.s. I killed the king was over to quickly so I did indeed go back and listen to bitch I’m beautiful. Another different opening. The song goes from Norman Greenbaum to KAAN in the opening 10 seconds. and it’s another original and catchy offering from Plymouth’s only apeDHD house band. Great work guys.

AbesApes replied 3 months ago

Wow man, thank you so much. That just made 2 Apes really happy 🙂

Marcus Osborne reviewed Abe’s Apes 4 months ago

“King Of The Bongo” by Abe’s Apes kicks in with some gorgeous flamenco style guitar playing, giving off the impression you’re in for something calm and relaxing – but oh no. This is a party anthem if i’ve ever heard one before.

I’m really impressed with the bands musicianship and the use of instruments from a variety of cultures to create a European-influenced sound, swiftly cut back to its roots with tighty-packed verses and swagger-driven lyrics. If I was at an event and we needed bring the vibe up, this track would be at the very top of my list!

Pleasantly surprised and impressed with what i’ve discovered today. Abes Apes don’t take themselves too seriously, but they also don’t mess about – that reflects perfectly in this killer summer anthem. I’m excited to hear more!

AbesApes replied 3 months ago

Thank you so much for all your support man, it means the world to us.

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