About On The House Music

A Music Review Platform

On The House Music CIC is a social media-like platform and registered social enterprise built for musicians and music industry alike. It is designed for the most influential, powerful and opinionated music industry names to give creative feedback in the form of online music reviews about the world’s freshest underground artists. On The House is a grassroots exposure project that gives you the chance to have your music heard and reviewed by the people who inspire the masses daily – whilst celebrating them continuously.

We blur the lines between the underground and overground, to provide opportunities for talented grassroots artists and help support their careers from their conception and push them to greater heights in any way we can. Our music platform has over 70 music reviewers from the industry to help make that happen, helping artists from all over the world from every possible genre.

Sign up today and create a free profile as an Artist or a Reviewer to become a member of our community and build your creative portfolio.

But that's a bit of a mouthful. So we just call it ‘Community Music Reviewing’.

That’s not all, we have plenty more arms and legs of this business which makes it a truly unique and supportive experience for all artists and industry representatives who wish to utilise it. Our arms are open and everyone is welcome!


Alongside being able to create a free Artist profile and have your music heard and reviewed by multiple members of the music industry, we also have some incredible support schemes available for all your needs!

Starting with our Patreon, where we take traditional artist management and give it a new breath of life to suit the modern artist. For just £4.50 a month, artists can have full access to our music contacts across the globe, as and when they need and ask for them. We will also help artists with any legal queries, industry contacts for cheaper rates, recommended connections, overall general advice and a copy of our monthly music contact newsletter!

Or you could check out our brand new record label that launched in December 2020; On The House Records. Where we specialise in one-off limited runs of hand-signed physical music on either CD or Vinyl for any artists that have caught the attention of our reviewers. We now have over 70+ music reviewers all contributing to the website who collectively decide on our “Local Legends” releases, which are aimed at local artists that have survived the test of time and have a small, but dedicated fan base to show for it. Or, there’s our second scheme titled “First Press”, which focuses on releasing a grassroots artist’s very first piece of physical music through a name that can be trusted, to help them get a leg-up at the start of their music careers.

Alongside all these artist support services, we still need a bit of icing on this big music cake. In 2019, we hosted our first official run of “Showcase & Networking Nights” and various other Events across the South West UK, to help the music community connect in a causal, comfortable setting (whilst showing off some of the amazing artists we’ve discovered through our website in the process). The success of these nights allowed us to book our first day festival in Bristol, hosted at The Exchange, called Attitude Festival.

An event that focuses on the most outspoken and attention grabbing artists in the alternative music industry, hand-selected by our 70+ reviewers, featuring the likes of Riskee & The Ridicule, Bob Vylan, The Blue Carpet Band, Mother Vulture, Moriaty, Crooked Little Sons and so many more, set for the 26th September 2021.

For a chance to be involved in a music community where you can thrive, sign up for a free Artist profile today and start connecting with the people shaping the industry around us – what have you got to lose?

Music Industry

Fancy flexing your creative muscles in a new and rewarding way in exchange for brand promotion, music contacts and prizes? Of course you do, here’s how to get involved!

If you work in the music industry, are a freelance writer or you’re a student looking to build your creative and written portfolio, then sign up for a free Reviewer profile today! Once approved, you’ll be able to surf our website in your own free time and review grassroots artists at random from all over the world whenever you feel like it. We then schedule the review to be posted to our 13,000+ social media fan base and tag all of your music related projects and businesses in the description for our fans to support. You can also come up with our own ideas for music blog articles and we will publish them on our Articles page!

By becoming a Reviewer and posting regular reviews, your name will be put into a weekly draw (that we announce via our private Facebook discussion group) and you could win a whole host of music related goodies! We’ve already given away guitars, amps, merchandise, vouchers, accessory packs and so much more! Plus, you’ll also have access to other reviewers’ contact details for collaboration, as well as community meet-ups and our yearly reviewers party in Exeter, UK!

But most of all, you get to help a grassroots artist receive genuine feedback and support for their music from the ears and eyes of someone who is helping shape the music industry. You don’t need to be a professional writer, you just need to have an opinion. If needed, we have a team of editors that will “tidy up” any reviews posted and will be sent back to you for approval before going live on our site. However, we want to hear your thoughts, in your own words as much as possible.

As our music community grows, you’ll grow with us. We take every single one of our reviewer’s opinions on board and equal to those of On The House Music CICs directors and employees. So, please let us know what we could be doing better or if there’s an artist that you think we should invest some time into. If you want to find out more about the faces behind On The House, head over to our Team page!