About On The House Music

A Music Reviewing Platform

On The House Music CIC is a “Community Music Reviewing” platform and registered community interest company built for musicians and music industry contributors to support and nurture each other’s careers and to provide alternative opportunities to grassroots artists.

OTH Music is designed for music industry professionals to give creative feedback in the form of online music reviews about the world’s freshest underground artists. We compile these reviews and use this information to see which artists we should be keeping an eye on and offer them opportunities to perform at our events, festivals or even release their music via On The House Records!

We use this community to do some pretty incredible things and test some new ideas in a supportive environment, you can find out about all of our current projects and events by visiting the On The House Music Hub. If you are a fan of local music and want to support what we do, that’s where you need to be! You’ll be able to find out about all of our projects, as well as our recent Sustainable Events scheme supported by NME & Squarespace!

Our platform has over 70 music reviewers from the industry to help make that happen, helping artists from every possible genre. Our reviewers come from a variety of backgrounds including bands, record labels, management, booking agencies, tour managers and production. For every review posted, we plant a tree via Just One Tree CIC in a wildlife rehabilitation area.

That’s not all, we have plenty more arms and legs of this business which makes it a truly unique and supportive experience for all artists and industry representatives who wish to utilise it. This includes our record label On The House Music Records, Artist Support subscriptions via Patreon and our quarterly magazine which can be found at On The House Music Store.

If you have any questions about how to get involved, please visit our FAQ page. Otherwise, sign up today and create a free account as an Artist or a Reviewer to become a member of our community and build your creative portfolio.

A review is just an opinion, it only matters if you respect the source.

That’s not all, we have plenty of grassroots music community enrichment projects which makes On The House Music CIC a truly unique and supportive experience for all artists, industry professionals and local music fans who wish to utilise it.


Create an Artist Profile today and manage multiple Artist Pages for all of your projects, build up your reviews and be noticed by our ever-expanding music community. We have tonnes of Artist Support schemes available, check them out below!

Starting with our Patreon, where we take traditional artist management and give it a new breath of life to suit the modern artist. For just £4.50 a month, artists can have full access to our music contacts across the globe, as and when they need. We will also help artists with any legal queries, industry contacts for cheaper rates, recommended connections, overall general advice and a copy of our monthly music contact newsletter!

Or you could check out our record label that launched in December 2020, On The House Music Records. Here, we specialise in one-off limited runs of hand-signed physical music on either CD or Vinyl for any artists that have caught the attention of our reviewers. We now have over 70+ music reviewers all contributing to the website who collectively decide on our “Local Legends” vinyl releases, which are aimed at local artists that have survived the test of time and have a small, but dedicated fan base to show for it. Or, there’s our second scheme titled “First Press”, which focuses on releasing a grassroots artist’s very first piece of physical music (CDs) through a name that can be trusted, to help them get a leg-up at the start of their music careers as well as earn their own money.

Alongside all these artist support services, we still need a bit of icing on this big music cake. In 2019, we hosted our first official run of “Showcase & Networking Nights” and various other Events across the South West UK, to help the music community connect in a casual, comfortable setting (whilst showing off some of the amazing artists we’ve discovered through our website in the process). The success of these nights allowed us to host our first day festival in Bristol, hosted at The Exchange, called Attitude Festival, an event that focuses on the most outspoken and attention-grabbing artists in the alternative music industry. Hand-selected by our 70+ reviewers, the first Attitude Festival was a sold-out success featuring the likes of Riskee & The Ridicule, Bob Vylan, The Blue Carpet Band, Mother Vulture, Moriaty, Crooked Little Sons and so many more. Attitude Festival 2022 is set for July next year and will run over the course of two days.

For a chance to be involved in a music community where you can thrive, sign up for a free Artist Profile today to be in with a chance of taking part in these projects and start connecting with the people shaping the industry around us – what have you got to lose?

Image by: Mitchells Visuals / Bob Vylan @ Attitude Festival 2021

Industry & Reviewers

Fancy flexing your creative muscles and supporting grassroots artists in exchange for brand promotion, private networking parties whilst also planting a tree every time you post a review? Of course you do, find out more below!

If you work in the music industry, are a freelance writer or you’re a student looking to build your creative portfolio, then sign up for a free Reviewer profile today! Once approved, you’ll be able to surf our website in your own free time and review grassroots artists at random from all over the world whenever you feel like it. We then schedule the review to be posted to our 13,000+ social media fan base and tag all of your music-related projects and businesses in the description for our fans to support. You can also come up with our own ideas for music blog articles and we will publish them on our Articles page!

By becoming a Reviewer and posting regular reviews, you’ll be helping us understand which artists the mainstream industry might be forgetting about. As this website grows, so does our power to make sure every single talented artist has a platform for success, supported directly by the industry they are trying to conquer. We also think it’d be pretty amazing to get some established artists & industry professionals to review artists who are inspired by them, as a way of creating a stronger connection between the mainstream music scene and the underground.

Oh yeah! You’ll also have access to other reviewers’ contact details for collaboration, as well as access to all of our community meet-ups and our yearly reviewer parties, events, networking nights and more.

But most of all, you get to help a grassroots artist receive genuine feedback and support for their music from the ears and eyes of someone who is helping shape the music industry. You don’t need to be a professional writer, you just need to have an opinion. If needed, we have a dedicated editor that will “tidy up” any content posted, which will be sent back to you for approval before going live on our website. However, we want to hear your thoughts, in your own words as best as possible.

As our music community grows, you’ll grow with us. We take every single one of our reviewer’s opinions on board, equal to those of On The House Music CIC’s directors and employees. So, please let us know what we could be doing better or if there’s an artist that you think we should invest some time into, or if you have an idea for a project and think we could help make it happen. If you want to find out more about the faces behind On The House Music CIC, please head over to our Team page!

If you’d like to see the impact our community has already had on the local music scene, visit the On The House Music Hub and check out all of our current projects.




Over the years, we have worked with a large variety of local and national businesses within the music industry. We’ve collaborated on events, online campaigns, support networks and more, not including the ongoing supports of the 100+ projects that all of our reviewers are currently working on. We’ve worked with venues to host events and stock our magazines, we’ve worked with radio stations and other reviewers to help promote our projects and we’ve even worked with established artists and media for support schemes! The point is – we’ve worked with a lot of people.

We’ve tried to list everyone below that our frazzled little brains can remember, but as we didn’t ever think about keeping track of everyone who we’ve helped, or, has helped us in the last 8 years – we apologise if we’ve forgotten anyone! Email us at onthehousemusic.press@gmail.com if you are missing from the list and we will get you added asap.


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