5 Places To Record A Live Session You Need To Know #1

  • May 15th, 2019
  • Written by marcusoz

As part of our mission to shine a light on the most dedicated individuals in the local music scene, its only seemed fitting to share some of our favourite places to record a live session! If you would like to be featured for an upcoming article, please contact us via our Facebook page!



1. The Beans Shed

Location: Romford, London, UK
Genres: All Genres

The Beans Shed are a fantastic recording studio located in Romford, London. Run by producers/engineers Tim Andersson and Ryan Macbeath. They initially used the space as a hang-out spot until they decided to kit it out with equipment for local artists to use. A DIY ethic is held throughout every step of what they do.

“We offer recording, mixing, mastering, audio editing, live sessions and location recording in London at affordable and competitive prices.”




2. Berlin Studios

Location: Blackpool,UK
Genres: All Genres

“Berlin Studios is Blackpool’s original & best purpose built recording studio. Established in 1987 it is favoured by some of the best producers in the UK.”

Sonic Boom Six member James Tiberius Routh (on Facebook) has been producing and working with Berlin Studios for years, recording Sonic Boom Sixes killer record ‘Cardiac Address’ there and has now started releasing the first high quality studio sessions via Berlin Studios YouTube channel. This is defiantly one not to sleep on as the sessions are incredibly polished and i’m sure they will be picking up a lot of traction in the future!



3. RouteNote Sessions

Location: Truro, Cornwall, UK
Genres: All Genres

RouteNote Sessions are a Truro based multi-genre live recordings company. Offering mega high-quality studio sessions to some of the UKs best rising local artists. They have been kicking about for a long time now and have featured some fantastic artists over the years.

“We believe that all music is incredible in it’s own unique ways and that’s why we adapt our skin like a chameleon to allow the artist to shine, no matter their sound.”




4.  All Silk Mastering House

Location: Colne, UK
Genres: Multi-Genre Acoustic Sessions (soon to be full-band)

Ed Hall created the All Silk Mastering House with one clear goal – to make it as perfect as he possibly can. Every square inch of the studio has been hand crafted and designed for the perfect audio quality and sound proofing to allow his recordings to sound as beautiful as humanly possible. They have top of the range equipment and offer an incredibly professional live recording service that they then upload to their YouTube channel.




5. Visual Radio Arts

Location: Frome, UK
Genres: All Genres

Visual Radio Arts offer a range of services to help musicians create high-quality recordings that can be used in a radio-friendly environment, as well as conducing their own live sessions and live event coverage. A great company to get in contact with if you’d like a special show to be documented! They work from a unique space inside the Frome’s old fire station building, which also makes for an interesting backdrop when visiting for a session.




Written By: Marcus Oz