2000 Trees 2019: Interview - False Heads w/ Josh Bessant (Crooked Little Sons)

  • August 1st, 2019
  • Written by marcusoz

We sent our favourite furry-lipped frontman to do our dirty work for us over the 2000 Trees weekend, the charismatic Josh Bessant from South West punk n’ roll outfit Crooked Little Sons.

Josh went and had a lovely (and very long-winded) chat with self-proclaimed ‘Meth Rock Snort Pop’ band the False Heads on the early hours of the Saturday morning. They spoke about their love of the festival, the quirkiness of its atmosphere and size – alongside those all-important details on the bands plans for the coming year!

We couldn’t make out the distinction between each band members voices due to the fact that everyone was feeling a bit rough from the night before, so we’ve just labelled each member as ‘False Heads’ because lets face it – thats easier for everyone to follow. We’ve had to omit a lot of the interview due to the facts that False Heads told a lot of umm… adult rated stories… which they soon realised couldn’t be shared with the public – but we kept the important bits!



Josh: The False Heads, how you guys doing today, you alright? 

False Heads: O, yes! 

Josh: You all doing well?

False Heads: Amazing! Full of energy and spirit! 

Josh: (laughs) – It’s alright boys, we’re nearly at the end of the weekend.

(all laughs)

Josh: We can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

(all laughs)

[1] Josh: So, first of all boys, we’ll start with Barney, what are you doing in the band?

Barney: I’m the drummer

Jake: I’m the bass guitarist

Luke: I play guitar and sing 

[2] Josh: Awesome, so, so far guys what do you think of 2000 trees? Is it your first year?

False Heads: Yeah, it’s our first year, been kind of like been looking forward to it for a while as well – it’s one of the only UK festivals we’re doing as well. 

Josh: Oh right!

False Heads: We’ve never been and it’s kind of nice to be able to go to any stage and you’re probably going to like what’s on, which is very uncommon – for me anyway. It’s really nice, the vibe is really nice and the people are lovely.

[3] Josh: Yeah! Is it stacking up well compared to other festivals this year?

False Heads: Yeah I think so, I mean, it’s kind of like a weird size. We were talking about in comparison to a festival like Y-Not and stuff like that.

Josh: I like it man! I like how cosy it is! Like a rock and roll fairground! 

(all laughs) 

False Heads: Yeah and the security don’t give a shit which is nice cause there has obviously not been problems and so there is no sort of ‘reactionary thing’. Like bringing glass bottles, you could tell if someone gets fucking hit with one (laughs), so they say no one is allowed, do you know what I mean? So it seems pretty relaxed.

Josh: Yeah they are a really chill festival man – totally! 

False Heads: Yeah and I think that kind of comes across to everyone. It’s very relaxed, no one is fucking going overboard really, like they will be, but within their own… 

Josh: Yeah, within their own niche! They got their own hole! 

False Heads: Yeah, I’ll be in my own hole later on… 

Josh: (laughs)

[4] Josh: So, so far this weekend, or for the rest of the day, are there any bands in particular that you guys are looking forward to checking out?

False Heads: Yeah! We saw Rival Bones this morning. Brand New Friends, Indoor Pets, and um, yeah I unfortunately I was dead for that… 

(all laughs)

False Heads: So yeah ,they watched Indoor Pets

Josh: (laughs)

False Heads: Wanna see Deaf Havana. And saw You Me At Six last night!

Josh: Ah yeah I saw YM@6 last night, they were a lot of fun! 

False Heads: Yeah I couldn’t work out whether or not they’re a pop or rock band 

Josh: (laughs) – I was there for the heavy nostalgia vibes 

(all laughs) 

[5] Josh: So, given how the year is going so far and with the year left to come, how is it going as far as the latest cycle? 

False Heads: Yeah, great! We just finished our new album. And, just did a session with Distiller – so that is going to be coming out soon. After that, were going to do the festival season and hopefully tour at the end of the year. We’re looking at tying in and getting the label sorted and everything – deal done. And, we were chatting about looking for a mid-march sort of release for the album, so that’s going to be like the next year, and then obviously festivals after that. So it’s kind of like, it’s a bit of a slow one this year which it needs to be to bed the foundations. 

False Heads: We only did like three shows and a few supports, here and there, and then we just did the album. Wrote it, recorded it, and so now its like putting everything into place as the next 18 months will be pretty fucking mad to be fair. 

[6] Josh: In regards to the album, are you guys pretty confident with it?

False Heads: Yeah! Everyone we have sort of showed it to have been like ‘yeah it’s pretty good’, so yeah we’re pretty confident. And I think cause we did a little later than we would have liked to have done cause of ups and downs as bands and outside influences – so it kind of feels like it is almost a first album and a second album together. There is stuff on there that kind of…

Josh: A rebirth almost?

False Heads: Yeah, yeah! There’s older songs that we had written then there is like, the new, like we played Rabbit Hole tonight which is really quite heavy, so i think it kind of works – it flows, kind of goes in and out of genres which I know every band fucking says, but I feel like we have kind of accomplished that a little bit, so. 

False Heads: Yeah, it’s nice. It’s something we can be proud of. We’re going into our fourth year and this is something that we have together as a result of what the band before as well, and we have made it our own and put together something that we have coming away from and we are like, we’re very proud of what we’ve done. We just really want people to hear it, because obviously we believe in it and we think that everyone else will. 

[7] Josh: I think so! So given that fact you’ve been a band for four years now, do you guys have any crazy stories from your roots given the fact you’ve just been on about getting messed up in our own holes over this weekend?

False Heads: What sort of limit do you want?

(all laughs) 

False Heads: We have got a PG one! 

Josh: (laughs) Okay! 

False Heads: A nice, wholesome story! 

False Heads: We was at ULU. We are close friends with Zoe Alexander whose brother passed away and she put on a show. She does a show every year for The Nick Alexander Memorial Trust they put the money towards the charity based around it. They are an amazing charity. They offer amazing support for mental health through music and help underprivileged kids play instruments. Absolutely incredible. So we played the show and Josh Holme was the headliner!

Josh: Wow!

False Heads: Stood inside having a fag with Josh Holme and so he left… And his rider was like mainly Jager, and we walked past and we went in there and we just rinsed Josh Holme’s rider

(all laughs)

Josh: You guys have topped me! I stole Reef’s rider and all I got was cheese!

(all laughs)

[8] Josh: So, we’d love to hear your guys’ music recommendations. Local or just what you’re listening to at the minute – what kind of music are you guys listening to at the minute? 

False Heads: Strange Bones (they played last year I think), Projector, they’re a good band!

False Heads: Locally… Er, The Gulps! I think they’re Italian. We were playing Camden Rocks a couple of weeks ago and they were just buzzing around everywhere in t-shirts, trying to get everyone to sign up to this website and win a competition. And I was like, ‘who are these nutters?’ Then I saw them later on, and they were amazing! 

Josh: They killed it?

False Heads: Yeah, really good! Like early Strokes!

False Heads: And we just played a show last week in Czech Republic and they were the bollocks. Really, really good. Really tight. It was very satisfying to listen to as well – riff central, really really nice band, great guys. GANG as well, one of my favourites!

Josh: Are they still going?

False Heads: Yeah, yeah! There is this weird underground cult of like GANG fans and it was like the first ever show we did and we played with them. 

False Heads: Literally like every time we drive to a gig we put GANG on – every single fucking time, like, they’re a great band 

[9] Josh: Yeah! So, if you guys had to each choose one song from your own back catalogue to show a potential new fan, what would it be? 

False Heads: ‘Rabbit Hole’!

False Heads: Yeah, ‘Rabbit Hole’. 

False Heads: So basically, we had the idea to put together like 20 songs for the album and then we kind of thought, well, we don’t actually need that many. But the way the scheduling was going and the writing as we had a fucking brutal tour at the end of last year. So then we put together four of them, picked three of the stand out tunes on the album, among obviously others and were really happy with them. So yeah, any of those three. Mine would be ‘Rabbit Hole’, it’s the fun most technical to play.

False Heads: We got a song called ‘Comfort Consumption’. It’s been recorded before but we’ve just re-done it for the album. It’s a real ‘lighters in the air’ moment, it’s got a beautiful soaring solo (laughs). 

False Heads: I’d probably go with er, probably ‘Twentynothing’, I think. Cause it’s a song that like when me and Jake were looking for a drummer and then we had Barney join for it and it is one of my favourite songs. We readjusted it for the album and it’s more melodic!

[10] Josh: Well boys, thanks so much for chatting with us and i’m looking forward to your set – do you have anything you’d like to plug?

False Heads: Yeah we are gonna put the rest of our merch up for sale and git rid of it all, then get a whole new run of merch. So that’s going to be coming pretty soon. We’ll also be announcing one or maybe two tours next month and there’s a single or two coming out before the end of the year as well. Basically, once everything gets signed on the dotted line it’s all go from there!

False Heads: You’ll be sick of us by the end of the year haha. Yeah we will have some single news by the end of the year, we just need to dot some ‘i’s and cross some ‘T’s.



Interview By: Josh Bessant
Transcribed By: Georgia Byam
Edited By: Marcus Osborne