Tuesday, 1 August 2017


Worry - Worry

Hardcore, Punk, Low Fidelity

Oxford, UK

Not gonna lie here guys and gals, we always try to be as fair as possible when promoting these amazing artists, we try not to show too much favouritism because everyone's tastes are different and it's not our place to tell you what is 'good' or not. But for me personally, Worry are one the best bands I've had the pleasure to review, they tick every one of my snotty punk boxes. This low-fidelity frenzy of high-gain guitars, powerful drums and aggressive vocals is pure hardcore punk madness, tamed by people who know what they're fucking doing. The vocals really impressed me as well, as it can be hard to make your lyrics intelligible as well as conveying the aggression that tracks like these need, so with that in mind, I really can't fault Worry. I love the energy of their second track 'Change' especially, it's the stomping, dominating prowess of the main riff, bass drum and vocals that drew me in instantly. It would be a sin to play this at a reasonable volume, so download the ep, turn it up to max and throw some shapes.

Worry: https://worry.bandcamp.com/

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