Wednesday, 19 July 2017



Metal, Crust, Doom, Sludge

Wales, UK

And the heavy bands just keep on coming. This time, in the form of stomach churning sludge-core madness, fuelled and powered by riffs, growls, beatdowns and the blood of the pure - it's fucking PUS. Absolutely mastering demonic doom metal, these guys bring the word 'brutality' to eerie and unsettling new levels; WARNING, NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED. Chugging along at a stomping pace that cracks the ground to reveal eternal hellfire, this could easily be the soundtrack to a film about Lucifer himself. Recorded by Chi Lameo (who we recently featured), this 6 track leviathan is the creme de la creme of crusty sludge pies. The vocals are thick and heavy, the bass bellows in compliance with the ominous riffs and merciless drums, PUS will ooze out of your speakers and dominate your surroundings. Prepare yourselves.


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