Thursday, 27 July 2017

Hold Tight

Hold Tight - Bitter Outlook

Hardcore, Punk, Political, Beatdown

Bristol, UK

Even more hardcore for you all to adore, it's topical, it's aggresive and it's down right destructive. It's Hold Tight. Deep growls and straining shouts dominate the mix, oozing with passion and disdain, HT have a message and it isn't pretty. This message pours out of every element of the track with high gain, erratic energy that will boil your blood and make you want to spray ACAB on your nans wheelchair. 'Bitter Outlook' provides the perfect platform for the HT boys to show the world what they are made of and from what I can gather, that mainly consists of; stomping beatdowns, crushing riffs, crashing kit annihilation and a fuck tonne of anger. We need bands like Hold Tight, not everyone will agree with their opinion and that's okay, that's what punk is all about. Get ready to throw some shapes and piss off your neighbours, because 'Bitter Outlook' takes no prisoners.


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