Wednesday, 26 July 2017


Boxtape - This Is How We Stop The War

Indie, Experimental, Acoustic, Pop, Electronica

Horsham, UK

Boxtape are a unique breed, on one hand they write beautiful indie-pop acoustic tracks, with underlaying delicate electric guitar licks and gentle angelic vocals, on the other hand, they challenge themselves to break their boundaries and really experiment with the indie genre as a whole, to create some wonderfully sui generis tracks that'll tickle at least one of your pickles. Just like they have done with their latest track; 'This Is How We Stop The War', Boxtape have challenged themselves to write and record a song using a 2 string cigar box-guitar and the results are not what you'd expect. Taking a seemingly one-trick instrument and managing to draw a sound out of it that is truly enticing and unique, driven by electronica beats and low fidelity vocals, we certainly haven't heard anything like this before. Even if this isn't your cup of tea we highly recommend you check this track out, just for the sake of seeing what some talented musicians can do when they limit themselves. If that's not your jam, then give their acoustic tracks a go, Boxtape cater for everyone and we here at On The House absolutely love it.

This Is How We Stop The War:


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