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Lights Over Bridgeport

Lights Over Bridgeport - Good Grief
Punk Rock, Melodic, Anthem, Pop Punk
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Damn. 30 seconds in and i'm already incredibly impressed. Well-polished, energetic yet heartfelt melodic punk rock, composed in such a way that holds tremendous depth and substance. Everything about this is spot on, the lightly distorted guitar tone beautifully compliments the hard-hitting prowess of the drums, coupled with with vocals, which couldn't be any more suited to this music if they tried - Lights Over Bridgeport have fucking nailed it. I have the overwhelming urge to see these guys at a show, these songs are destined for a large crowd of devoted fans in a small venue, throwing themselves around and screaming these punk rock anthems at the top of their lungs. I don't know what stage these guys are at in their career, but they can't stop until they get there. I'll buy everyone tickets and we can have a good ol' party, but you have to learn the words first, this …

Mr Happy Chainsaw

Mr Happy Chainsaw - It's Not My Ball
Melodic, Punk Rock, Rock, Pop Punk
Essex, UK
Mr Happy Chainsaw are the melodic punk rockers we've been missing here at On The House. Palm mutes, single note lead lines and chunky, thumpy bass, complimented by clean and tuneful vocals and driving, popping drums (I also think i heard some cheeky double pedal in there). Taking early 2000s melodic punk and giving it a new spin, MHC seem to be hard at work after their 8 year hiatus. I've seen their name on a few posters now and there's nothing I love more than a hard-working band getting what they deserve. I will also mention that the 'press pack' these guys sent me was very professional and well crafted - take note local bands, the bar has now been raised. MHC are here to have a laugh and look good whilst doing it, party punk rock is on the rise and these guys are seizing every opportunity they can get. 'It's Not My Ball' will quickly become your favourite summer anthem…

Cold Holding

Cold Holding - Landscapes
Emo, Post-Hardcore, Alternative
Southampton, UK
More sad music coming your way people, this time, it's in the form of angsty post-hardcore vocals bellowed over delicate guitar licks and thick, driving drums and bass. This plethora of raw emotion can only be one band; Cold Holding. Gentle melodies take the lead in these tracks, setting the tone instantly, followed by spacious and powerful drums to help the tracks breathe and complimentary bass grooves to give it some body. The vocals create a beautiful contrast in these tracks, they are quieter in the mix and almost feel lost at times, even though they are being screamed with the highest intensity and passion. It's a powerful metaphor that for me, represents feeling drowned out, even the sweetest of subtle melodies are overpowering the vocalists best efforts to be heard clearly, forcing out this disgruntled screech that encapsulates the essence of Cold Holdings emotional disdain. We love it and we are sur…

Jimmy Rowe

Jimmy Rowe - Tin Can
Blues, Country, Bluegrass, Rock, Stoner
South Wales, UK
Jimmy Rowe has been working had over the years, he has already released 3 albums all for free download/pay what you want and in late 2016 he released the behemoth that is the Tin Can EP. Combining ominous rhythmic melodies with twangy licks, blending the tonality of classic blues guitar riffs with the emotional poise of country music stylings, swimming in a sea of his own self-loathing is where you will find Jimmy Rowe. As i listen through the heartfelt rifftastic Tin Can EP, it is clear that blues really is JRs true calling. Every shred is perfectly crafted to suit the niche of each song, whilst still hovering around the bluegrass/country genre, JR likes to stretch each track to different lengths, making every song unique and captivating in its own way. The last track 'I Lost My Way' is a perfect example of JR pushing himself towards something a bit different and it has paid off fantastically, this is h…


Worry - Worry
Hardcore, Punk, Low Fidelity
Oxford, UK
Not gonna lie here guys and gals, we always try to be as fair as possible when promoting these amazing artists, we try not to show too much favouritism because everyone's tastes are different and it's not our place to tell you what is 'good' or not. But for me personally, Worry are one the best bands I've had the pleasure to review, they tick every one of my snotty punk boxes. This low-fidelity frenzy of high-gain guitars, powerful drums and aggressive vocals is pure hardcore punk madness, tamed by people who know what they're fucking doing. The vocals really impressed me as well, as it can be hard to make your lyrics intelligible as well as conveying the aggression that tracks like these need, so with that in mind, I really can't fault Worry. I love the energy of their second track 'Change' especially, it's the stomping, dominating prowess of the main riff, bass drum and vocals that drew me in …

Sheep's Head (Ft. OT MC)

Sheep Head (Ft. OT MC) 
Hip Hop, Rap, Low-Fi, Jazz, Chill 
London, UK
We're taking it nice and easy this morning, with a tasty blend of low-fidelity soundbites and jazz piano loops, overlaid with bars bled straight from the heart; Sheep Head & OT MC are about to drop some knowledge on your ass. The first thing that caught my attention was the jarring piano lead line, it offsets the tone of the track from the get-go, creating an intriguing atmosphere that had me hooked. This is swiftly complemented by the tone of the vocals with low-key bars laid over the top, Sheep Head & OT MC have blended their own two styles to produce a track with real substance and thought. The fact that they have taken every element of this track and expertly crafted each one to suit the energy and feel of the song, shows that these guys have an understanding of 'what a song needs', couple this with the points i've listed above and you're on to something. These guys have only just starte…

Hold Tight

Hold Tight - Bitter Outlook
Hardcore, Punk, Political, Beatdown
Bristol, UK
Even more hardcore for you all to adore, it's topical, it's aggresive and it's down right destructive. It's Hold Tight. Deep growls and straining shouts dominate the mix, oozing with passion and disdain, HT have a message and it isn't pretty. This message pours out of every element of the track with high gain, erratic energy that will boil your blood and make you want to spray ACAB on your nans wheelchair. 'Bitter Outlook' provides the perfect platform for the HT boys to show the world what they are made of and from what I can gather, that mainly consists of; stomping beatdowns, crushing riffs, crashing kit annihilation and a fuck tonne of anger. We need bands like Hold Tight, not everyone will agree with their opinion and that's okay, that's what punk is all about. Get ready to throw some shapes and piss off your neighbours, because 'Bitter Outlook' takes no prisoners.